Vaskovich sent to prison, where he was a U.S. citizen Emanuel Zeltser

An activist of the unregistered party "Belarusian Christian Democracy", the journalist Eugene Vaskovich, which Bobruisk court convicted of setting fire to the local KGB headquarters, transported to a penal colony number 15 Mogilev.

It is learned from relatives, there he was transferred from Bobruisk detention center on May 28. In prison, he had time to write an appeal to the judge's sentence Paul Kartsinina. Eugene Vaskovich sentenced to seven years' imprisonment in a penal colonies of strict regime. He was found guilty on two articles of the Criminal Code: "Malicious hooliganism" and "intentional infliction of damage in a large scale."

In court, Eugene Vaskovich acknowledged the fact that he was involved in the burning of the KGB building on Oct. 16 2010. Court held in This year, May 17 and 18, he said that the attack on the KGB did knowingly and does not regret it. In his final statement Vaskovich called himself Litwin and added that it is his sacred duty — to defend the national Belarusian value. Finished his short speech Vaskovich cry: "Long live Belarus!".

Two other members of arson KGB, Paul Syromolotov and Artem Prokopenko, in his last words, spoken of repentance and asked the court to punish the benefits. They were also sentenced to seven years in prison on the same charges as Vaskovich.

Penal colony number 15 is known for being that there served his sentence U.S. citizen Emanuel Zeltser. He was arrested in March 2008 and sentenced to 3 years for alleged industrial espionage and counterfeiting documents. June 30, 2009, Alexander Lukashenko pardoned Zeltser. On the same day it was released.

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