Vladimir Khalip: The authorities are preparing a series of processes modeled on the 1937

4 years of imprisonment in prison for 60 strokes on the wooden boards. What does the first sentence in the case of the events in the Square December 19, 2010, which was executed yesterday Vasily Parfiankou? Comments on human rights defenders, politicians, relatives of political prisoners.

Father Rockets, one of the accused in a criminal case on the events in Minsk on December 19, Vladimir Khalip no illusions about the independence of the Belarusian judiciary. The judges are doing what they are told; trial Parfiankou was fast, biased, real evidence of a criminal offense on the defendant was not presented to them, — said Mr. Khalip:

Vladimir Khalip

"Now I know what to expect from the subsequent processes. They will go on such pre-prepared tracks. Can only expect a monstrous sentences in no guilty people. Indeed, the evidence on anybody no no.'s All nonsense … And even Porfenkov, which is now made almost a model criminal, it may be worth just fine … Well, people want to make a model show trial of the 37th, when tried for various conspiracies. Old experience works well in such systems. "

In yesterday's neabektyvnastsi process and convinced wife of political prisoner Vladimir Neklyaeva Olga:

Olga Neklyaeva

"Obviously, this is not the court decided that the sentence is very hard, it is clear that the political order."

The father of another political prisoner Alexander Klaskouski convinced of the political nature of the affairs of the events in Minsk on December 19:

Alexander Klaskouski

"The political aspect is endowed with the most power, senior management and the official propaganda, which immediately took accusatory and in the public eye all of these people have actually done by criminals, ignoring the presumption of innocence."

Yesterday's severe sentence Vasily Parfiankou n Klaskouski called "test":

"Right now, the official Minsk will monitor the reaction of the West (and Russia too, because two Russian citizens were" under the hand "), and depending on the severity of the penalty will vary and further the game — what experts call, and predict — these political bargaining hostage. "

Severe sentences authorities want to scare society, to break the will of the other defendants in the case, but they will not succeed — says opposition politician Alexander Dobrovolsky:

Alexander Dobrovolsky

"Power to the very intimidated, because she is afraid and wants to intimidate society. Authorities feared that many people protested. But I think that he would get power only that precipitated the crisis. Ran out of resources to the existence of this regime, Russia no longer has a Petroleum grant, and I think that there is nothing rational in their actions is out. "

Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Hulak draws attention to the fact that yesterday's court decision denied information about Basil Parfiankou that were on the order of A. Lukashenko common official newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia":


"This means that the newspaper" Sovetskaya Belorussia "slander made by man. Certainly, the presumption of innocence was violated, and it was even confirmed this verdict of the court, since no resistance to the police, no violence against the police officers of the court is not set Parfiankou has been. "

In general, what was examined yesterday at the Frunze district court provides no legal basis to talk about the "riots" on December 19 and on the previous plot, said Oleg Gulak:

"But obviously, it lays the foundation for future processes. There is one big thing, which involves more than 50 people.'s All about the same events. But if the case is divided into several parts, then it means that the script is written."

Hulak says that BHC and other human rights activists will monitor all cases of events of December 19, draw conclusions and to attract the attention of the society.

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