VSSRZ launched the new pleasure boat

On the Volga Shipyard (VSSRZ) was launched a new ship "Mary." For business, this is the second pleasure boat. The first was "gonna", which is being actively exploited.

The new 35-ton vessel of "river-sea" was built by the project developed by specialists of the plant, and after finalization — paint and accessories, will meet all modern requirements.

Valery Svinuhov, director VSSRZ said: "This means that the company is growing and developing. New working places, respectively, seek to develop. Thank you very much would like to say to our team, they have made a major contribution to the creation of this ship. "

The company team guaranteed a job. After all, the plant not only build, but also to repair the court. In the past year there has been remodeled 38 vessels. There are orders for the current year. By the way, in a month the team of the Volga Shipyard plans to begin construction of the bulk carrier tonnage 6 tons currently underway to conclude contracts with the customer and the project organization.

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