We live inside a giant brain?

For decades, scientists and writers discussed the idea that our universe may be a "giant brain." And now physicists say that we were able to get some evidence that this can happen in reality.

In the journal Nature's Scientific Reports, an article appeared on the study, the results of which proved that the universe has the ability to grow as a huge brain. This process is accompanied by electrical discharges between the expanding galaxies, a sort of "mirror" cells.

This was revealed by computer simulation. The researchers built a model of the universe in a very early period, just after the Big Bang. They watched as the small quantum particle "space-time", start to form networks with the development of the universe. The results showed that the simulation — a mirror image of the other networks. Many of the links were just a result of limited growth, while others are sites for different connections. For example, some compounds are similar and limited — like a man who is fond of music and visit a lot of sites dedicated to music, there are also large, connecting different parts of the global network.

As it turned out, the "natural growth dynamics", in which systems are developing the same for different networks, whether it is the human brain, the Internet or even the entire universe. According to a study co-author, University of California San Diego, Dmitry Kryukov, as a result there are different systems that have evolved in a similar way. Thus, scientists believe that the universe really like the brain may occur.

It is worth to mention about another hypothesis that the universe is just a game overdeveloped civilizations. According to a serious philosopher, winner of many prestigious awards, Professor Nick Bostrom of Oxford University, after watching the movie "The Matrix", he was so impressed that within a month a book — "We are living in a computer simulation?"

According to the scientist, the likelihood that the world really is a computer simulation, is 25%. Philosopher says about a program that simulates the consciousness of one or several people, and perhaps all of humanity.

According to him, the creation of such simulations could put their hands on, for example, posthuman civilization, whose members are descendants of modern humans, however, is so different that it is hard to count people.

Scientists named this super-being representatives of "true humanity", giving unlimited possibilities. They could easily create a virtual world to explore her past.

According to Bostrom, our children can fill in the gaps with their stories, playing a game of simulated entities, that is, us.

Bostrom wrote his book almost ten years ago, it would seem, it's been enough time to forget about it. But now, with the evidence made possible sverhsimulyatsii physics. It may be that we are only the inhabitants of the matrix.

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