Weatherproof снегоболотопескогрязеводоемоход, made in Russia!!!

It turns out we have a Russian made ATVs awesome! NPF "Trekol" is a science — a production company, the main focus of which is the development and production of ultra-low pressure tires and wheels for these tires, and all-terrain vehicles equipped with these tires. Here is such a range of all-weather all-terrain vehicle:


TREKOL-39294 (modification — 39295)


And yet there was a novelty — TREKOL-39446 (all-terrain vehicle, with a body "pick-up", which can be used to install the coupler — fertilizer spreader RMU-2 and RIG UBSHM-1-13)

And then there are a lot of different modifications of the basic models Arktiktrans, Predator, Project, Amphibian, Bronto, VISA, Petrovic!

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