Whales are seeking asylum in New York

Whales are seeking asylum in New YorkCoastal waters of New York began this year, a refuge for dozens of whales, say scientists at Cornell University in university publications.
According to the professor Christopher Clark, who explores the life of whales for nearly 40 years, in the coastal waters of the metropolis "resettled" permanently up to 50 of these marine mammals.
Appearance of the first whale around the metropolis in 2008, became a sensation to orbit media. Animal, swim to the Verrazano Bridge, connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island, accompanied by the Coast Guard.
In recent years, more and more settlers arrived. This year, a local entrepreneur even established a sightseeing tour of whales, dolphins, like popular browsing "of the Statue of Liberty."
In one version of the scientists, the whales found in the vicinity of New York harbor on whaling ships, as the waters of the city banned all fishing.
This winter residents metropolis can hear the song of humpback whales — each "aria" lasts 10-20 minutes, and the male can sing his serenade clock.
Cornell University scientists complain that they do not have enough money to study the phenomenon of the new settlers and decode the "language" of whales.
Organization "Protect Whales' calls to ban commercial production of these extinct giants, says that today the world is preserved only about 20,000 humpback whales. Until the 18th century, when the whaling industry has been put on the rails, the number of whales was one and a half million individuals.
Weight of the largest inhabitant of the planet can reach 90 tons.

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