What threatens us change the Earths poles

Scientists have found that the magnetic field of the Earth is a forceful holes, indicating that the magnetic poles of the planet will soon be swapped. There are opinions that, in connection with this we can expect more natural disasters such as global Flood and the Last Judgment.

To such conclusion experts from the Danish Center for planetary exploration. These conclusions are supported by their colleagues from the University of Leeds (UK) and the French Institute of Physics of the Earth, and American scientists from Florida International University in Miami.

According to the researchers, in the last century the density of the magnetic field of the earth has decreased significantly. The impact of this in 1989, felt by residents of eastern Canada. Solar winds broke through weak magnetic shield and caused heavy damage in networks, leaving Quebec without electricity for nine hours.

It is believed that the magnetic field of the planet generates a stream of molten iron surrounding the core of the Earth. Danish space satellite detected in these streams twist (in the Arctic and the South Atlantic), which can cause them to change the direction of its motion.

A flood of solar radiation, which is due to the magnetic field can not reach the atmosphere, it will heat the upper layers and cause global climate change. Now external "magnetic shield" protects all life of the planet from solar radiation. Without it, the solar wind plasma from solar flares will reach the upper atmosphere, heating it and causing catastrophic climate change.

In other words, in the time of the change of the poles of a sharp weakening of the magnetic field: this will lead to a dramatic surge in the level of solar radiation. Cosmic rays will kill all life or cause mutations. Will go down all electrical, navigation and communication equipment and satellites in Earth orbit. Migratory animals, birds and insects lose their ability to orientation. In this case, to calculate in advance where the land will be, and where the sea is impossible.

However, when in March 2001, I was at the magnetic poles of the Sun, the disappearance of the magnetic field is not fixed. Sun changes its magnetic poles every 22 years. On Earth, these stresses are much less common, but do occur. It is possible that disasters in the biosphere of the planet, when disappeared from 50 to 90% of its fauna, are connected with the movement of the poles. Scientists point out that it is the collapse of the magnetic field has led to the evaporation of the atmosphere on Mars.

Origin of Earth's magnetic field and to this day remains a mystery, although there are many hypotheses to explain this phenomenon. Then the magnetic field that exists on the earth's surface is the total field. It is formed by a number of sources: the currents crossing the Earth's surface, the so-called vortex field, external, cosmic sources not connected with the Earth, and, finally, the magnetic field due to the reasons of the internal dynamics of the Earth.

By geomagnetic data, the pole made castling on average every 500,000 years. According to another hypothesis, the last time this happened about 780 thousand years ago. In this first dipole magnetic field of the Earth disappeared and in its place there was a much more complex picture of the set of poles scattered across the planet. Then the dipole field was restored, but the North and South poles at the same reversed.

Changing the Earth's magnetic poles — this is not a one-time s manifest and long geological process, tens of thousands and even millions of years, However, some scientists believe that such a change took place in a very short time. If the change of poles stretched for a long time, they say, life on our planet in these gaps would be destroyed by solar radiation, which would easily penetrate the atmosphere and reaches the surface, because the solar wind, except the magnetic field, there are no barriers.

In the meantime, there is increasing movement speed of the magnetic poles, which does not sound like the usual, "background" drift. For example, the magnetic pole in the Northern Hemisphere, "ran" for the past 20 years, more than 200 km to the south.

Poles, as you know, two pairs — the geographic and magnetic. The first pass through the Earth's imaginary axis around which the planet rotates. They are located at a latitude of 90 degrees (north and south, respectively) and the zero longitude — all lines of longitude skhodatg Xia at these points.

Now for the second pair of poles. Our planet — is a huge magnet ball. The movement of the molten iron in the Earth (or rather, in the liquid outer core) creates a magnetic field around it, which protects us from the sun's deadly radiation.

The axis of the earth magnet is tilted with respect to the rotation axis by 12 degrees. She did not even pass through the center of the Earth, and is located about 400 km away from it. The points at which the axis intersects the surface of the planet, and there is a magnetic pole. It is clear that because of the location and geographical axes pole magnetic pole is not the same.

Geographic poles also move. Monitoring stations of the International Polar Motion Service and measure geodetic satellites show that the axis of the planet is deflected at a rate of about 10 cm per year. The main reason — the movement of the earth plates that cause redistribution of mass and a change in the rotation of the Earth.

Japanese scientists have found that the North Pole is moving toward Japan at about 6 cm in 100 years. He moves in longitude influenced earthquakes that occur most frequently in the Pacific Ocean.

In recent years, the geographic pole shift has accelerated as the motion of the magnetic. If this continues, then after a while the pole will be in the Great Bear Lake area of Canada … French professor of geophysics Gauthier Hulot in 2002 has raised a panic to find the weakening of the magnetic field of the Earth near the poles, which can be interpreted as an early sign of change near the poles.

According to another hypothesis, we live in a unique time: there change of poles on Earth and is a quantum transition of our planet on its counterpart, which is in parallel to the four-dimensional world. Higher civilization (CC) to reduce the effects of planetary disaster, this transition is smooth, to create favorable conditions for the emergence of a new branch Supercivilizations Incarnation. EC representatives believe that the old branch of humanity is not reasonable, because it is in the last decade, at least five times could destroy all life on the planet, if not for the timely intervention of EC.

A group of researchers from Florida International University under the direction of Brad Clement said that over the past 15 million years, a "reverse" pole occurs on average every 250 thousand years. However, such a coup last pole was 790 thousand years ago. We can assume that we are on the eve of the next grand change that somewhat delayed and is about to happen.

Today among scientists, there is no consensus as to how long the process may take a change of poles. According to one version, it will take a few thousand years, during which the Earth is vulnerable to solar radiation. On the other — to replace the poles would take only a few weeks. But the date of the Apocalypse, According to some scholars, suggest to us the ancient Mayan and Atlanta — 2050.

In 1996, an American popular science S. Runcorn concluded that the rotation axis is not moved once in the Earth's geological history, together with the magnetic field. He suggests that the last geomagnetic reversal occurred about 10,450 years BC. e. That's about it and told us Atlanteans survived the flood, sending forward his message. They knew about the regular periodic change of polarity of the poles of the Earth about every 12,500 years. If to 10,450 BC. e. add on 12,500 years, will again in 2050 BC. e. — The year of the next huge natural disaster. This date, experts have calculated during clues located in the valley of the Nile three Egyptian pyramids — Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure.

Russian scientists believe that the wisest Atlanta leads us to the knowledge of the periodic change of the polarity of the poles of the Earth through the knowledge of the laws of precession, which are incorporated in the arrangement of the three pyramids. Atlanta seems to have been quite sure that some day in the distant future it will be for them in the world a new advanced civilization, and its representatives to re-open the precession laws.

According to one hypothesis, that the Atlanteans likely led construction of the three largest pyramids in the Nile Valley. They are all built on the 30-degrees north latitude and oriented to the cardinal. Each face is aimed at building the north, south, west or east. Not aware of any other structure on Earth, which would be just as accurate with an error of 0.015 degrees is oriented to the cardinal. Since ancient builders achieved their goal, then they have the appropriate skills, knowledge, and first-class equipment and appliances.

Come on. Pyramids
installed on the sides of light within three minutes six seconds from the meridian. A number of 30 and 36 — the signs of the precession of code! 30 degrees celestial horizon correspond to the sign of the Zodiac, 36 — the number of years for which the picture is shifted by half a degree of the sky.

The scientists were also established certain patterns and similarities related to the size of the pyramid, tilt their domestic galleries angle ascending the spiral staircase of the DNA molecule, spirals, etc., etc. So, researchers decided, Atlanta all in their power ways shows us a well-defined date, which coincided with an extremely rare astronomical phenomenon. It is repeated every 25,921 years old. At that moment three belt stars of Orion were in the lowest position of its precession over the horizon at the spring equinox. This bio in 10,450 BC. e. This is how the ancient sages strongly deduced humanity on this date through mythological codes, through a site map the sky, painted in the Nile Valley with three pyramids.

And in 1993, the Belgian scientist R. Byuvell use the law of precession. By computer analysis, he found that the three largest pyramids of Egypt are set on the ground like placed in the sky three stars in Orion's belt in 10,450 BC. e., when they were at the bottom, that is the starting point of its precession motion across the sky.

Modern geomagnetic studies have shown that about 10 450 years BC. e. There was an instant change of polarity of the poles of the Earth and eye shifted by 30 degrees with respect to its axis of rotation. This led to a global obscheplanetny instant disaster. Geomagnetic studies conducted in the late 1980s by American, British and Japanese scientists have shown both. These horrible disasters constantly taking place in the geological history of the earth with the regularity of approximately 12 500 years! It is they, obviously, and killed the dinosaurs and mammoths, and Atlantis.

Survivors of the previous flood in 10,450 BC. e. and send us a message through the pyramid Atlanteans had high hopes that the new advanced civilization will appear on Earth long before the total horror and doom. And it may be time to prepare themselves to meet the disaster fully prepared. According to one hypothesis, their science was unable to make the opening of compulsory "tumbling" of the planet by 30 degrees at the time of reversal. The result was a shift of all the continents of the Earth is 30 degrees and Atlantis ended up at the South Pole. And then the entire population instantly frozen as quickly frozen at the same time on the other side of the world mammoths. Survived only those members of the highly-Atlantic civilization, which remained at the time on other continents in the highlands. They were lucky to escape the Flood. So they decided to warn us humans distant future for them, that every change of poles is accompanied by "head over heels" of the planet and irreparable consequences.

In 1995 he conducted the new study with more modern instruments, created specifically for research of this kind. Scientists were able to make an important clarification to forecast upcoming polarity poles and more accurately identify the date of terrible events — 2030.

American scientist G. Hancock gives the date of general doom even more closely — 2012. He bases his assumption on one of the calendars of the South American civilization of the Maya. According to the scientist, the calendar may have got the Indians inherited from Atlantis.

So, according to the Mayan Long Count, the world is created and destroyed cyclically with a period of 13 baktun (or about 5120 years). The current cycle began on 11 August 3113 BC. e. ( and ends December 21, 2012 n. e. ( Maya believed that this day would come to an end. And after that, according to them, there will come the beginning of a new cycle and the beginning of a new world.

According to other paleomagnitologov,
change of the magnetic poles of the Earth
is about to happen. But not in the narrow-minded understanding — tomorrow or the day after. Some researchers have called for thousands of years, others — two thousand. Here then comes Doomsday, Last Judgment, Flood, which described in the Apocalypse.

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