What will happen September 21, 2012? Scientists promise catastrophe

American scientists and NASA experts predict that the September 21, 2012 Planet Earth headed for disaster. "End of the World", or rather, the global blackout will occur because of solar flares. Flash luminary usually lead to headaches in humans, as well as malfunctions of electronic systems. September 21, scientists predict, geomagnetic storms will shut down all power systems.

What will happen September 22, 2012?

"What will happen September 22, 2012" and "what happened September 21, 2012" (original spelling retained) — the last time it is one of the most popular searches in search engines. Back in 2008, scientists at the Academy of Sciences of the USA, along with the experts predicted a NASA Earth "doomsday" in the truest sense of the word. The disaster is scheduled for September 21, 2012 (according to other sources, on September 22).

Of impending disaster earth scientists said in a report, "Space Weather Threats: social and economic consequences." The document says that the Sun in late September 2012 will a series of powerful solar flares. Unrest in the sun will lead to an unprecedented release of hot gases. On Earth, the flash "strikes" magnetosphere and disconnect all power.

Scientists promise that before they get planetary blackout, humans will be able to observe the phenomenon, much like the Northern Lights. After the glow disappears, there will be a power outage. Trip will be accompanied by sparks and electrical discharges. For a couple of minutes of "fireworks" will end and there will come the "end of the world."

The death of the inhabitants of the Earth from solar flares is unlikely. Scientists say with certainty that no one will die. But the consequences of the "end of the world" do not die, or even tens of thousands of people. Once shut off all the transformers, will cease to operate water and gas supply. To replace the transformers need new — stocks certainly are, but to restore the light does not turn out exactly everywhere. Because the need to build new factories and plants — and without electricity, they do not work.

The last time such a solar flare observed in 1859, half a century after the invention of incandescent bulbs. Then the effects were minimal, because the industry was just beginning to develop. A September 21, 2012 could happen that Hollywood filmmakers, and could not imagine.

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