Wi-Fi signal to kill plants

Everyone has long known that mobile phone radiation adversely affects the rights, especially on his brain activity of the latter. 5 students of 9th class of Denmark decided to experiment with a Wi-Fi router, next to which set of plants. The experimental results have attracted the attention of scientists all over the world!

"We thought, if the wireless device is affecting our brain activity, how it affects the plants," — said one of the study's authors.

Schoolgirls put six trays to the ground, where the pre-planted seeds of cress, directly beside the Wi-Fi-Router, which, they said, produces the same type of radiation as a conventional mobile phone. And exactly the same six trays researcher put in the yard. After 12 days, the seeds are up, as opposed to those that spent all this time near the wireless device. Moreover, many of the seeds that spent almost two weeks near the Wi-Fi-Router, just died.

"It caused quite a lively debate in Denmark about the potential health risks of exposure from mobile phones and Wi-Fi-equipment," — said in an interview with ABC, BBC News Horsevad Kim, a biology teacher at the same school where girls learn. She added that in the scientific community as there are discussions that could cause damage to seed the heat radiated by the router, and not the magnetic waves. However, the teacher explained that the student kept the seeds of cress in both wet soil throughout the experiment, and the temperature was regulated by a thermostat.

A similar study was conducted about three years ago in the Netherlands, when researchers noticed that some trees in urban areas began to hurt. The experiment has mobilized 20 ash trees. Within three months, they were subjected to various types of radiation after exposure to Wi-Fi-signal trees began to show typical signs of radiation sickness, including on their leaves appeared "galena".

Project Danish schoolgirls got on science fair and have already shown great interest in neurology professor Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. "Probably Johansson repeat the experiment girls in conditions controlled by the professional scientific community," — said Kim Horsevad. "So you should wait for the results to find out what will they say about scientists," — she added.



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