Will soon begin construction of the theater Pugacheva

In the near future will begin construction of the theater Alla Pugacheva. The place was chosen at the source of the river "Smolenka." This decision was approved by the ex-governor of St. Petersburg Matvienko. Before leaving the post of governor she signed a decree on the construction of the theater in honor of the diva.

At the moment, the regional government issued a decree on the allocation of a plot of land on Vasilevsky Island to build a cultural center. The building is not suitable for housing. Building project the company does in the UK, under the name of «Populous Llc». The theater will look like in the form of a diamond. Multi-storey building will have a total area of 180 thousand square meters.

Concert stage will be about 19,000 square meters. And exhibition areas allotted 43,000 square meters. Height of the whole complex was supposed to be about seventy meters. However, the authorities did not approve of high-rise project settings. In the end the customer on behalf of General Director of "Song Theatre Alla Pugacheva" Yuri Golovanov find a "compromise" and agreed to reduce the height of the theater up to 65 meters. The chief architect of the complex musical appointed Yuri Mityurev.

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