WIND first local power station started in Primorye

Specialists of the company "Primteploenergo" to start up the first of ten under the program of development of local energy in Primorye autonomous wind-diesel power systems (VDAEK), the website of the company.

Fired power plant will ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity Peretychiha villagers in northern Primorye.

The company intends to equip the local wind-diesel power nine villages Terneysky District Territory: Maksimovka, where work has already begun, turn, Minor Kemuel the Amgu, Ust-Sobolevka, light, Edinku, Samarga and Agzu. In Peretychihe will later install a second VDAEK.

"Windmill, as it is usually called, helps to solve four problems: uninterrupted power supply, reducing its cost, the" closing "the problem of importation of fuel, improving the environment. Still Peretychihe electricity is fed from seven in the morning until the morning. When consumption fell to a minimum, a municipal power cut off in order to save fuel. transport to the north edge of the very expensive "- quoted by the company to the general director Alexander Patrina.

Height wind installation with the blade span — about 30 meters. The complex is fully automated. The plant operates on the principle of mutual backup wind power and energy from the diesel generator. Automation, depending on the wind strength and consumer load itself determines where at the moment to take a correct and profitable electricity. At peak times, when the wind force is not enough, turn on a diesel generator. Subside load — Automatic switch to the windmill. Maintain complex "Primteploenergo" intends shifts.

Scientists estimate that in the Primorsky Territory favorable climate for wind-diesel power plants. Great opportunity for them to offer an extended line of coast with strong winds.

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