With the war of nerves — in the economic war

Why European sanctions were imposed specifically against these companies why Peftiev? As we recall, discussed different options. But, apparently, were chosen target, firing at least you will hit ordinary people, but will bring the greatest political effect.

Business Peftieva — high-tech, pratsazberagalny from the sanctions against him are not affected hundreds of thousands of people. Blow dealt to business whose reputation in the eyes of the population is not very high — the arms trade and the lottery. No milk or tractor. By the same impact on the companies that belong to the Belarusian figurant Forbes list — the fattest "burzhuinov" of the world — a reminder Belarusians that their country — not such a realm of equality, as it sometimes seems.

But regardless of the destination of sanctions and on the extent of the damage they do, far more important is the initiative — the first time the EU has imposed direct economic sanctions against Belarusian companies. This is definitely a transition to a new phase of the conflict, the deeper involvement of Europe in conflict with the official Minsk. Now Europe is even more difficult to be satisfied with whatever that may be, but winning.
Why enter? Well, because the previous sanctions with ugavorvannem failed, the repression continued, the time of completion of the majority of processes in the December 19 2010, which was fortunate for all release a sweeping gesture was lost.

There is a thing, not only in the life of the Belarusian democracy, and in honor of Europe.

Moreover, in I think, had value and the international context.
Europe is now widely impose economic sanctions against the North African and Middle Eastern despots, who drowned in the blood of the protests. Threshold sanctions declined. And was lower than Belarus situation.

Belarusian authorities is in a difficult position. It is, of course, respond to this move, and will try to make the most painful response. But the step Brussels worsens the strategic perspective of the conflict to Minsk, the EU determination to devalue the Belarusian side trumps — the possibility of a balance between East and West, the possibility of partial concessions, particularly political prisoners retail trade.

If the determination of both sides is equal, then the head-on collision of European and Belarusian truck MAN Zhigulenko latter does not stand a chance. On the steps of Minsk in response to new steps will be Brussels. So it is possible that in Minsk today's decision will be taken as evidence that the war of nerves over, but the war economic. And in this war, the official Minsk little shells, especially given the poor state of the domestic economy.

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