WP: In the case of rigid sentencing sanctions should be strengthened

The courts, which begin this week in Belarus over the exhibition space, to demonstrate how effective Western sanctions against the Lukashenko government. This writes in an editorial in the Washington Post.

"If — as many predict — the result of demonstration litigation become harsh sentences, the Obama administration and its allies in the European Union will know that we did not sufficiently "- says the Washington Post, reminding readers of the events following the presidential elections in Belarus and the sanctions that the U.S. and EU imposed against Lukashenko's regime.

"If the courts will continue sanctions be more stringent. The Obama administration should try to convince EU governments to impose sanctions on "Belneftekhim", — stated in the editorial. The newspaper cites the opinion of Alexander Kozulin, who is convinced that his release in 2008 zavdyachalasya just such sanctions. "Kozulin and other Belarusian leaders hope that President Obama personally publicly condemn Lukashenko that, at least, would uznyalo morale of those facing trial."

Washington Post also expresses confidence that Belarus should take its place on the agenda of US-Russian relations and EU-Russia relations.

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