WWF: the origin of falcons, which they want to take away from the Russian Federation, it is necessary to check

Sokolov origin of rare species, which intends to take out of Russia Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer, should be checked to prevent manipulation of the rare birds, which cost thousands of dollars, said project coordinator for the conservation of animals of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russian Natalia Dronov.

As previously reported WWF Russia, citizens of Saudi Arabia, of which Prince Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer, Friday intended to take out of Russia 49 rare falcons of different species, which previously brought into the country without permits CITES (Convention on International Trade in Species of Wild Fauna and Flora Endangered species). However, Customs does not permit the withdrawal of the birds.

"If the Falcons get an export permit, it will be necessary to involve experts to determine whether those falcons are taken out. Need to verify that it is the birds that were brought to Russia, left it. Often old, the sick and the young birds substitute more valuable so WWF insists on a thorough examination, "- said Dronov RIA Novosti.

As stressed by the representative of WWF, among birds have three peregrine falcon, a saker falcon and five previously illegally captured and exported from Russia.

"We have learned that the birds were allowed to CITES to export from Saudi Arabia and now RPN Commission in the coming days will have to get together to study the documents and decide whether to issue a permit for the export of birds from Russia. Commission should carefully examine the origin of birds, nine out of 49 , it is very doubtful, "- said Dronov, which is part of the commission RPN.

Falcons-merlin, peregrine and saker listed in the Red Book of Russia, their catch is totally banned in Russia. In addition, merlin and peregrine falcon are included in Annex I, Saker — in Annex II of CITES — cross-border movement of these birds without permission is prohibited. Russia, as the successor of the USSR, is a party to CITES since January 1, 1992 (the USSR signed the CITES Convention in 1976).

Merlin — one of the largest falcon in the world, has a beautiful plumage of black and white. Rare birds are in great demand in many Arab countries, where they are used for falconry. Poachers caught Kamchatka merlins and send it flying to Moscow to sell them to the Middle East, which has long been popular falconry. The cost of one individual hunting birds here reaches 100-150 thousand dollars. According to experts, the average cost of one individual saker falcon in the Arab countries is three to thirty thousand dollars.

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