Year 2012, Quantum transition and the protection of the Earth

Global Space Quantum transition, which entered Earth will reach its peak in about 2012. Notorious date December 21, 2012, many associated with the <end of the world>. Some scientists believe that the Earth in the next few years actually expect unprecedented disasters.

But everything has a scientific explanation. His version of the upcoming events at the request of the Agency's popular information APInews.Ru expressed candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences Andrey Dragunov. Andrey, in his popular science articles published on the Internet, you mentioned about a global cataclysm that could occur in the world in the coming years. How do you think, what they might be related?

— By the wrong ideology, that people — it is the king of nature modern society, a lot of hurt by this and the planet Earth and its own existence in it: Academician Moiseev said that Nature, in any case come to a new attractor, but whether the person in this new ?
In the very nature of the Earth there are several triggers: to enhance energy-intensive processes, are able to quickly transform the biosphere of the Earth: the main ones are the space and climate: The torque of the Earth, despite the fact that our planet has a huge mass, able to securely hold the axle in its originally specified state .
But as soon as the ratio of masses located at the Earth's surface, a significant difference due to the intensive melting of glaciers, the change of direction of ocean currents and so on, our planet could well make <somersault> and go to the new axis of rotation. A number of prominent scientists argue that if the rise in temperature of the Earth will occur at the same rate in 30 years, the ice in the active-tory of the Arctic Ocean has melted completely.

To change the axis of the Earth rotation is not a disaster, but modern civilization, in this case received a serious blow. In this case, there will be all over the place with the force of an earthquake of 9 on the Richter scale, will be held on tsunamis, hurricanes, climate change on Earth, the oceans will rise: The idea is not new: But he <lever> able to deploy our planet, if it yield — if it is in an unstable state while hidden in space. The most powerful of the known, repetitive external impact on the planet, lies at the heart of the Maya calendar. The number of 144,000, which has in the calendar importance in Christian Scripture, created later, has, apparently, a double meaning and serves as a direct pointer.

So, global warming poses a considerable threat to modern civilizations. Why now it is happening in the world?
— It should be noted that in some cases the nature of the Earth behaves like a living creature, licking their wounds. And one has only to people in conflict zones splash of a heavy psychic energy — as soon there are epidemics or various natural disasters. If you follow the Russian philosophers <cosmists> Tsiolkovsky, VI Vernadsky and others admit that the earth is our development Vaeth not mechanical, but by biological laws and has a mind, it is clear that sooner or later from the predatory activities of people: it will defend itself. And in order to throw off everything that annoys her (ie, refresh and cleanse all their surface), it must go through the aggravation, and for this it needs to start to warm up themselves and with external favorable circumstances — to make < somersault>.

Most modern scholars believe that all climate change on Earth are associated with cosmic rhythms, and that after each period of warming during the coming cold snap. However, studies show that this increase in the temperature of our planet is not associated with increased solar activity, and the heating of the water in the oceans, that is, it is indeed associated with the heating of the depths of the Earth.

And we can assume that the global economic crisis, is now developing in the society, is also associated with the anger of the Earth. People with a higher sense faculties (ie, so-called psychics) argue that at the level of subtle energy in the world is interconnected. And if in the course of the deepening crisis, people, accusing each other of all their misfortunes, and even unleash a war (with heavy outbursts of severe mental energy), the increase in the Earth's temperature will be even faster.

What areas of the world can be most strongly affected by the possible disasters and how — the least?
— I think it will not be wrong if I say that with any trigger the most will get all the coasts of seas and oceans and to the greatest extent — the Pacific coast, as well as all areas of the development of the young Alpine folding. Most powerful resistance to seismic events have a long platform, the core components of the continent, such as the Russian, with the thickness of the crust of 35-40 km, and the Siberian — the power of which is even higher.

Do you think you fit our turbulent time for the second coming of Christ?
— Yes, I think it is quite appropriate since it is the order of the planetary disaster and the faithful is called "end of the world>. Most of them are in the end times the expected arrival of the Prophet Isa or Christ, which is essentially the same. Righteous believers were promised that all of them, at His second coming, the kingdom of God on earth will, where, finally, the end all conflicts and general prosperity will come. It is assumed that those who really need the Son of God — they will find him his heart: Well, brethren, hypocritical, as before, will lead his people into a pit: And now, just as in ancient times, before the World flood, as I see it, until most of the people on Earth live in comfort, making money and indulges in debauchery, that one small part of people somewhere in the wilderness, away from the sea is already building the Ark of salvation for all.

Andrei Polyakov

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