Yesterday, in the Voronezh region opened a factory for the production of feed

A new plant for the production of animal feed, LLC"Trau Nutrition Voronezh"opened in Liskinskom district of Voronezh region on April 25, BelTA news agency Regnum, the press service of the governor. The company is part of the Dutch company Nutreko — the world leader in the production of animal feed. 

The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of Voronezh Region Atoke Gordeev, as well as company executives "Nutreko" and the company "Tehkorm" representing the interests of concern "Nutreko" in Russia, as well as the head of the Voronezh agricultural region.

The Governor thanked the Dutch investors for the creation of a new high-tech manufacturing in the region and said that the new company is able to provide not only products Voronezh region, but also the regions of Russia and neighboring countries. The head of the region is also noted that the plant was opened, following the announcement on April 8 by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands start of the Year of Russia in the Netherlands and the Year of the Netherlands in Russia.

"The Company" Nutreko "had a special reason to develop business in the Voronezh region. Here the authorities have created a very favorable atmosphere for investment. We, as investors here feel very comfortable here for us to create all the necessary conditions. Region in the rapidly developing animal husbandry. Also addition, the district Liskinskom concentrated agribusiness, "- said the Chairman of the Management Board Nutreko and chairman of the board of directors Nutreko NV Knut Nesse.

After the ceremonial start-up businesses governor and guests watched the production sites of the enterprise. According to the director of the plant Alexander Scholl, the plant has three production lines: the production of vitamin and mineral supplements for farm animals — 10 t / h, the production of feed-concentrates for all types of animals and birds — 20 t / h, production of whole milk substitute — 5 t / hour. Investment in the project amounted to more than 1 billion rubles. Staff — 51 people, the average salary in the company of about 29 thousand rubles.

Deputy General Director of LLC "Tehkorm" Andrew Kudasov noted that currently the Voronezh plant is the most streamlined of all 30 plants of Nutreko. The total annual volume of products produced will be 168,000 tons.

The head of the region, in turn, noted that the appearance of a plant for the production of feed and feed additives is in Liskinskom's no accident — the region is leading in the area.

Nutreko International Corporation ranks first in Europe in terms of feed, concentrate feed, feed additives and vitamin and mineral premixes, has more than 100 factories in more than 30 countries. Headquartered in the city of Amersfoort (Niderandy).

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