You need to know about the Great Transition

Who on Earth is the issue of the Great Shift?

Earth — one of the planets of the solar system is not the end point of the evolution of reasonable force. She — like a stone, laid in the river in a series of other planets pebble, in order to make it possible for them to cross from one side to the other. The land is located exactly in the middle of this thread, but according to this view of its residents have physical grubomaterialnyh beings of all colors and the organization of their social life.

Evolution is that moving from planet to planet, people could improve their nature of Spirit and is becoming thinner and more penetrating into the depths of space vibration and sound.

But the lower the physical world — the bottom of the solar system, has a feature presence of two forces that are trying to influence the minds of people. One force — is darkness, the second force — LIGHT. The predominance of one over the other at the same time turned back on the evolution of the Earth, and the person has received the indelible wounds to his Spirit. Many evolving creatures were lost to evolution and many are now teetering on the brink of the final fall. Luli were the victims of their ignorance, but according to this they had a unique opportunity to enter into a new era of even the most minimal signs of his enlightenment of the Spirit. This gift will allow them due to the violation of the Law of Freedom of Choice. The forces of darkness always knew of the terms and their implications antitsivilizatsii coming to the limits of the Great Shift. They have done everything possible to prevent or at least delay these deadlines by employing their secret knowledge. So many nuclear explosions on the pressure points of the Planetary complex were organized precisely in order to disrupt the planet with its reasonable — electromagnetic connections to the solar system and the establishment of an autonomous space from the rest of the world conditions demonic, fading and all civilization devouring darkness …

The Forces of Light that we have on the planet, constantly monitor these processes going into the ideas and initiatives of the military system of darkness. Unidentified flying machines at the sites — a phenomenon of control and prevention of local and other military actions that could lead to disaster.
The Forces of Light confidently led the planet to evolutionary change, and the forces of darkness as they could, it delayed the imminent event. People who have been and are to this day an object of concern and overtures from both sides always remained out of work. Feature of the current level of consciousness allows people to manipulate and hold in the wrong, but according to this media are in the hands of the forces of darkness, to fully utilize these weapons against the people's consciousness. Lies, slander, deceit, violence, rudeness, vulgarity, anger, hatred, fear … — a state of consciousness in the system of kings of darkness at all levels to the anti. People who "hear" your consciousness at this level, become hostages and victims of the darkness, as the immortal human soul — is a tasty energy clot, which is powered by the Spirit as a nuclear reactor, which even in the worst circumstances can not be silenced. Darkness system, selecting in his charge souls, creates an inexhaustible source of life is the evolution of the universe, which, however, will certainly come to an end as a result of Plalayi, end of a life cycle of all creation in the universe.

The forces of darkness are powered human souls, but it is — the psychic energy must be negative content.
Higher gusts spirit forces of darkness do not need, but according to this they are increasing all sorts of tricks to not let people hook their needs.
The Forces of Light are present on Earth in the face of those individuals who do not just see what is happening, but also find ways to help people to realize their right to free choice. However, their work is sometimes just not seen, and ridiculed, cursed and exposed to shame. Each bright creator forced to expend enormous energy of their personal potential in order to at least maintain a small space oasis of warmth, joy and grace, which comes to warm other people out of darkness with its negative traits and laws …

The Forces of Light ignorant about future changes associated with the Great Shift. They have a habit of talking about them in terms that were once employed by the ancient prophets and seers, and by the look is not always adequate. But there are already quite a scientific way the reports of such information, called The Theory of Light and the data on Great Shift has ceased to be unfounded and scientifically.
Suffice it to say that the very modern science is obviously watching the grandiose, inexplicable for a limited brute materiality, global events.
What is a mystery to modern science, is not a mystery to occultists and magicians to darkness. The Forces of Light have never hidden and made no secret of the supreme knowledge of human nature, but according to this they bring to the people of Living Ethics, The Theory of Light, Higher Laws of Being, living arrangement and the basis of the New World in the concept of "Power of Light"!

The people of Earth have a free choice, and it is growing. Even the mere thought of such a possibility should drastically change the lives of everyone who is going to give an account that is a guiding star for his innermost spirit: the darkness of the overthrow of the evolution of the worlds or the Infinite Light of Grace?

Why hushed about Great Shift?

The Great Shift and the era of Fire Followed by — Spring in the "New Year" evolutionary cycles of the planet. And before spring winter is always very severe. It shows all of your habits and finally gives out so much frightening signs that there is a sense in its infinite. In fact, the night before the dawn, and it always seems darkest fears … and stay there forever are the realities of everyday life. Besides, there is a cold winter night, and many are adapted to these conditions people who see the day of death for themselves the opportunity to get to other conditions.
They are trying by all means to delay the time and conditions are most favorable for itself, and according to this, and they look for ways to hide all signs of change. But evolutionary terms and annual cycles necessarily replace each other and after winter comes spring, and for the spring — summer … and the Kali Yuga — the system of darkness gives way to Satya — Southern Light System!

How and who is preparing for the Great Shift?

In the system there is an unspoken darkness conduct of upcoming events. Not being able to do anything to halt the upcoming events that alter radically the whole system of life on the planet's surface, the forces of darkness are preparing to retreat from the Earth's surface, where it will be completely different vibration conditions harmful to them as it is fatal to vampires sunlight. To do this, in the belly of the mountain, in deep water, they built themselves underground city with a huge resource base. There's a lot of food, clothing, energy and technology that will serve them the key to the existence for some time after the beginning of the Great Shift. In addition, the forces of darkness prepare for himself and an army of "elite", which will become the coveted army, ensure a comfortable life for some time after the Great Shift.
In the same manner, the loss from the surface deep into the planet and the ancient Lemurians — yascheroobraznye intelligent beings who could not compete with the Atlanteans — a more advanced civilization in the evolutionary sense. Now Lemurians live in vast underground world in dug in basalt layers of complex planetary proporenah — smooth molten glass to light the caves.

That will have a new underground Lemurian people tremendous competition and the war in the underground areas of the planet will be very impressive, especially for its new owners, who do not know about their future fate. But this is the device of any system of darkness, in which power is the one who is stronger …
The Forces of Light as well prepared for the new era. But the great transition in the form which is prepared by the darkness with awesome details of the apocalypse, can be fatal because of the unconditional acceptance of his people. The fact that the events of the Great Shift can be reversed and the grandiose global catastrophe events may occur for real change, but in attenuated form, which will be controlled and it is acceptable to everyone who sees himself in a new era as an equal member of the Flower Symphony life.
Changing scenario of the Great Shift — is the goal and the task of preparing for it the Forces of Light. And here is how it will be carried out, will depend on each person separately and all together.

What do I need to report on Great Shift population?

World population must receive sound information about what the world is somewhat — differently than had been taught in school and in the religious writings of darkness. To do this, you must issue a series of films of the popular content on the device of the Earth, the solar system and the universe from the point of view of absolute light and the supreme law of Being. This information is being perceived by the individual, she will order his life and place in the entire load cell system information scattered it received in the previous years of his life. The man with the orderly way of thinking will be able to obtain information, to spread it into the cells of his mind and chooses consciously that way and the direction that he wants to make his way in life.
The problem with humans is to consciously make your and only your own choice between light and darkness. You must have a single point of reference for all and coordinate system. Such is the theory of absolute light and the supreme law of Being, which being perceived in society, should be the basic constitutional laws of the new state, statehood, which until now did not exist on Earth. Life itself is in such a state akin to those perturbations that have to happen in the world, but being deliberately taken to the Great Shift. Such a state will create a bulwark of vibrational forces that will lead to the necessary magnetic coupling Planetary complex matrix — Logos of the solar system. This relationship — religare can keep the planet from harmful jump in Space and Time, and according to this from this will depend on the fate and lives of many others in the world and the Russian people in the first place.

Messianic role of Russia lies in the fact of being the savior of the world. Because this is what you need to tell the Slavs and the native peoples of them in spirit, living side by side for many millennia.
A popular choice of the direction the light should result in the creation of a new type of state in which the vector of social and economic forces will be deployed from the center to the periphery. State — Sun should cover all necessary individual, and all the people together to create a single living organism of the Holy Man, who then headed the creation of the world of the Flower of Life on Earth …

Where can I read about the Great Shift?

On the Great Shift is written quite a bit. Basically, the Great Transition is described as a grand catastrophe that will take many lives. So the thought of Doomsday has become synonymous with loss of life, without the possibility of preventing such events. Biblical scripture in Revelation expresses the idea of the subsequent resurrection of the people in those bodies that are available to them in real life. Such a treatment has occurred because of a complete rejection of the law of reincarnation, which was emasculated religious doctrine from the Bible in order to deprive a person of his knowledge of the immortal spirit and the necessary evolution of consciousness. That is why the script needed a deep misunderstanding of the resurrection of a man in his body from the grave, that violates all evolutionary processes not only to man, but to all forms of life evolving planetary complex.

Religious doctrines that have their basis in the Bible scripture, namely Christianity in all its forms and Islam have in your script similar judgments about the Great Transition, as the Doomsday events and related phenomena that mass deaths.
However, these exercises are not able to get around the theme of the New Heaven and the New Earth. For each of these doctrines — the phenomenon of the New World is regarded as Paradise, the ability to carry out any purpose and intention of each person passed the test … Himself

The Great Shift is described in horrific colors, or how then could keep a person in check in the system of darkness, if not frighten him, not without hope of giving the complete subordination of the individual to their "shepherd" — a wolf in sheep's clothing?

On the Great Shift and scientists began to say, assuming that the planetary complex can be destroyed, either partially or completely by war or invasion of meteorites with asteroids … about the future of life on this planet, scientists say dilapidated do not want, because nothing good disaster of this magnitude, in their view, can not bring.

There is also a wealth of information about the Great Shift of the contactees various schools and churches. There contactees voiced by the information received from alien civilizations that have visited Earth. The main part of the contact information is from alien civilizations that offer something in between the way to the light and dark.

They offer a technocratic way of development in conventionally perpendicular direction. That is in the green corridor of the visible cosmos. This corridor has a feature in that, according to the rotation cycle of the planets in the solar system, as well as the spin cycle themselves Solar systems in the Galaxy, these green corridors formed in the through fistula and visitors make their way to him from all over the technocratic civilization in need of a variety of useful for them to waste people. Moreover, they have an interest in immortal human soul, its nuclear reactor Spirit, which they often use for their purely technical needs, such as for heating their aircraft engines …

So too careful attention by some earthlings — contactees may be their fatal mistake.
Crop circles of European and Western countries talk about too great transition. Their content is explained in The Theory of Light, which is owned by all reasonable forms of the universe and the only one plagued by scientists from the darkness of his humanity is still digging in the rubble of their dead-end error.
There are, of course, scholars who have realized that the current doctrine of brute materiality of scientific knowledge of the world — a dead-end and try to get around the obstacles of darkness. But they are still powerless inquisitorial methods similar to the one that made the Academy of Sciences of Russia, taking a secret decree on the categorical resistance of the "anti-scientific" activity in its ranks …

Higher Knowledge, like free thought can not be held in the dungeons of the Inquisition. This was proven during the bloody limits of science by the church, and will be shown at the moment when science began to contain the knowledge of the highest human nature and spiritual multidimensionality of the world.
Higher Knowledge is hanging in space as a source for comprehending any ultimate meaning of life and consciousness.

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