Young people BCD: the authorities do not trust 80% of the respondents Minsk

The youth of the "Belarusian Christian Democracy" held in Minsk survey of passersby to identify, as far as people are concerned about the economic situation in the country and whether they trust the authorities of Belarus. One of the participating shares Love Kamenev said:

"We tried to interview possible more people, and that among them were people of all ages. The first was a question of "either you trust the leadership of the country?". 80% of respondents gave a negative answer. And to the question "tactics expectations or protest most appropriate in this situation?" — For a protest in favor 50% of the respondents, 40% — for the wait, while 10% said they do not know what's best.

As for issue loans, the overall conclusion is that few people care about, like where will the money, but the main thing is for them to be there. When asked, "Are you ready to change the independence of the well-being?" 50% answered positively, negatively — 40%, and 10% had no definite answer. Answering the question "what do you expect the authorities to overcome the economic crisis?" 40% said they expect the government's resignation, as many expect nothing, and the rest do not know what to expect. "

As theLove and Kamenev were interviewed about 100 people. Among the respondents prevailed young people aged 16-30 years. But more critical to the questions answered are middle-aged and elderly.

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