Yuri Yakovlev — King. Very nice! watch online

Yuri Yakovlev - King.  Very nice!  watch online
April 2013, a quiet metropolitan court. Folk artist USSR Yuri Yakovlev enthusiastically looks under the hood of the old "Moskvich — 402."
"The inner world" of the car Yuri knows firsthand. Specifically, for such a long time he was hunting machine and bought for crazy money, with an overpayment — in the far 1958. And later, the departure of its half-ka 10 years. After more Half a century in the same "Moskvich" Yuri now carries his granddaughter Masha — actress Maria Kazakova beloved streets of old Arbat. Then his house, near — native theater. Vakhtangov Theater, in which Yuri Yakovlev has served for over 60 years.
Track list and an indescribable degree of recognition of the whole people could turn the head of even what the artist. But not him. In his manner of communication, in a respectful attitude toward others is not even a hint of royal manners. Actor from God, Ruler on stage in his life he was and is sociable and moderate man.
His work has hit an indescribable acting spectrum. Penetrating psychic kind of Prince Myshkin. Dashing romantic hero — Lieutenant é. He's a comedic superintendent Bunsha. And it is quite another — to a certain eccentric Pantalone Vakhtangov "Turandot."
Yuri Yakovlev Born in Moscow. My father — a lawyer. Yury mother was a doctor. About his childhood in pre-war Moscow, about parents, about the war, evacuation of the South American Embassy (!), And the roles of staff Yuri Yakovlev knows granddaughter Masha. In this movie, the anniversary of Yury, it acts as a host.

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