12 main questions about the upcoming end of the world: NASA told all

National Space Agency of the United States (NASA) decided to calm people's concerns and responded to 12 major questions about the end of the world

Recently, the Internet is literally bred predictions coming doomsday prophecies backed Vanga, Nostradamus verse and, most importantly, a mysterious Mayan calendar. According to the most common in people of legend, in December 2012 the first crash into the Earth planet Nibiru, which, of course, put an end to the fat of the entire human civilization. The story became so popular that the Internet-users from around the world have begun to attack the official NASA laboratory with questions about the existence of the mysterious planet and its likely trajectory. Finally, the Agency decided to calm people's concerns and answer the main question about the end of the world. Posted under subscribed senior fellow NASA Astrobiology Institute, David Morrison.

1. Why doomsday should come in December 2012 of the first?

David Morrison: The first time that the ancient Sumerians predicted end of the world, said science fiction Zekariya Sitchin. In his book "The 12th Planet", published in 1976, he wrote, if found some unknown official science Sumerian manuscripts, and they refer to the planet Nibiru. The planet revolves around our Sun, but to make a full circle, it requires as much 3,600 Earth years, so it is still no one could see.

And recently, this, in fact, a hoax, put on another legend: according to the calendar of the ancient Maya in December 2012 of the first — the last month of the existence of our universe, and then the end will come times. To be precise, it is estimated the Indians have somewhere between 20 th and 23 th December.

Comment "AIF":This year, the surge of interest in Indian predictions pushed more and advertising campaign disaster film "2012." The plot is just tied to the end of the world, designated by the Mayan calendar.

2. The Sumerians knew their job and did not for one significant astronomical prediction. For example, predicted the discovery of planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. So can not make a mistake and the account of Nibiru?

DM: Nibiru name appears in the writings of the Babylonian astrologers and researchers associated with the deity Marduk. It appears in the Babylonian legend "Enuma Elish", created sometime between 668 and 627 years. BC, while the Sumerian civilization existed and, therefore, created the monuments of their culture much earlier — between XXIII and XVII centuries. BC

Statements that Nibiru — some planet, which opened the Sumerians, were born out of speculation and assumptions of that Sitchin, in fact neither groundless. Yes, the Sumerian civilization has tremendous artistic culture, advanced technology in agriculture, urban infrastructure and highly developed writing. But, unfortunately, the documents proving the Sumerian discoveries in astronomy, has reached us very little. And certainly the Sumerians had no concept of Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. They did not know that the planets revolve around the Sun — the first ideas geleotsentrizma appeared in ancient Greece, about 2 thousand years after the disappearance of the Sumerian civilization.

3. In 1983, the world's largest newspaper wrote that NASA recognized the discovery of the 10th planet, dubbed Planet "X" and then named Xena or Eris. Is not that Nibiru?

DM: In 1983, NASA sent a 10-month flight apparatus IRAS — satellite for Astronomical Research in the infrared part of the spectrum. And he actually discovered many previously unknown sources of infrared radiation (about 350 thousand), but none of them was Nibiru, Planet X, or any other major bodies in our solar system.

Hearing about the 10th planet was born later in the 84th. Then one of the scientific journals has stated that if some detected IRAS objects defy scientific classification and may be undiscovered planets. But later, in the course of long-term studies both on the ground and in space, NASA officials were convinced that these objects were distant galaxies.

In general, Nibiru — pure fiction. With the present development of astrophysics is no "invisible" or "undiscovered" 10th planet in our system can not be.

4. The name "Planet X" has repeatedly featured in publications over the years. One gets the feeling that NASA tries hard to hide the discovery of a new planet.

DM: "Planet X" — the symbol for the object, the existence of which is doubtful, and only assumed on the basis of indirect data. Once an object is recognized as really existing, he is given a real name, as was the case with Pluto — and the name "Planet X" disappears. If the existence of the cosmic body is not supported or it is not a planet, it simply stopped writing in the press, that's all.

The latest "Planet X" was Eris — tiny planetka on the outskirts of our solar system. Like Pluto, it is smaller than the size of the moon and has a well-established orbit — closer than 4 billion miles to Earth, it is not exactly close.

5. NASA otgrohat huge telescope at the South Pole. Had he not created for secret tracking Nibiru?

DM: Yes, at the South Pole have a telescope, but "otgrohat" it is not for NASA and Nibiru he was watching. The telescope was built and maintained at the expense of the National Science Foundation, and is a radio and not an optical setup, so no pictures or images he can not do. The place chosen is because the pole does not interfere with the work of the telescope and night and day, and the reception of short radio waves there is the best.

6. How to explain the fact that the full panorama of the cosmos, presented programs Google Sky and Microsoft Telescope, have darkened area? There is a theory that Nibiru is hiding there.

DM: Nibiru is hiding there can not, because this part of the sky perfectly viewed from almost all points of the planet in the winter 2007-2008. Though, I myself was very curious, where did this "dark spot" on the map of our sky, so I asked this question to my friend who works at the scientific department of Google. According to him, the area of space just disappeared from the charts as a result of computer error, and soon this oversight is corrected.

7. Maya astronomical predictions always hit the mark. Why did the ancient Indians believed that the end of the world is in 2012?

DM: It should be clear that the Mayan calendar, the referenced "predictors" of the end of the world, was created to account for the last time, and do not predict the future. Yes, Indian calendar was far more complex than our and, frankly, allowed for the duration of the year even more precise, but it does not mean that it can be used to make any predictions.

But speculation about the end of the world came from the fact that the Mayan calendar ends with the 2012-year. That's my last day desk calendar — December 31 of 2009, so what?

8. In 2012 most of the planets in the solar system will line up, and the Earth will be in the middle of the Milky Way. What effect will this have for us?

DM: There is no "parade of planets" in 2012, will not, and that means "Land in the middle of the Milky Way," I do not understand. If it means the Milky Way galaxy — which, incidentally, has a spiral structure — we with our solar system from most of its edges, that is, about 30 thousand light years from the "middle." Moreover, we rotate around the galactic center and always on about the same distance away.

9. Land soon enter the "dark rift" Milky Way. What will become of us? Is this not the end of the world?

DM: Dark gap is popularly called the wide ring of dust clouds in the Milky Way. In fact, it closes off our review center of the galaxy — and that the effects of "gap" for us, humans, is limited. I think the idea of doomsday advocates just liked the term — the words "dark gap" can really frighten the gullible public.

10. On the Internet, write that in 2012 will begin the most powerful in the history of storms on the sun, and it was at this time there is a change on the Earth's magnetic poles. What will happen to humanity? After all, Earth's magnetic field protects it from outer space objects.

DM: In fact, the magnetic activity of the Sun reaches its maximum approximately every 11 years. At this time, we can observe a large solar flares and coronal mass ejections, but to life on Earth, they have no effect. The danger they pose to astronauts working in space or on the moon, but NASA specialists have long learned to cope with it. Sometimes strong solar emissions can briefly interrupt broadcast or damage the electronics on our satellites — but in this case most of them installed fuses.

As to date, the last solar maximum occurred in 2001-th, so the next should really come in 2012, 11 years later. However, the previous solar minimum (also cyclic) was leaking a little unusual, so our experts believe that up "late" for about a year and will happen in 2013.

Now, regarding the magnetic field: it is true, as a bubble, protects us from the sun's emissions as well. But no reason to believe that the Earth's magnetic poles will be replaced in the near future, no. According to our data, this happens about once every 400,000 years.

11. Heard the prediction that in 2012 a meteorite crash into the Earth. Is this true?

DM:Comets and asteroids are constantly hit the ground, although collisions with large objects — are rare. The last such event occurred 65 million years ago and led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Today NASA clock watching space objects to detect movement in the direction of the Earth long before the collision. And, I assure you, nothing even a little bit dangerous, we have found.

12. InsideWeb walks a lot of photos and video recordings of the planet, moving toward the Earth. Is not that proof?

DM: I can not answer for all these images, but most of them captured only a false reflection of the sun glare on the lenses created by photo-art. They can be easily "catch" on such grounds: false echo is right in front of the sun, and in the video, the lens movement, closely follows its movements. The same illusion is often mistaken for an image of flying saucers, and, frankly, I'm surprised that people are still so easily "lead" in this deception.

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