120 MW gas turbine power plant will fully close all the needs of Novy MCC’s electricity

At the site Novy chemical complex completed work on tying two heat-recovery turbine power plant with capacity of 120 MW.

This year, the experts of "Sosnovoborelektromontazh" plan more broadly deploy electrical work at the site in New Urengoy.

Novy chemical complex — one of the largest and most capital-intensive projects of the Russian company "Gazprom", the facilities of which will be low-density polyethylene. Under construction in the complex of 120 MW gas turbine power plant (gas turbine) operating steam cycle, fully close all production needs for electricity.
In April, the specialists of "SAM" completed the tying two heat-recovery of the main building gas turbine. In the course of the work carried out installation of 65 booths instrumentation, laid more than 3 kilometers of impulse piping and 3 kilometers protective tube.

Now the specialists of "SAM" to begin a new phase of works — Installation of equipment of automatic process control cycle plant and auxiliary equipment for collecting and processing information from all the station's systems, as well as further information on removing the main control board.

As part of this work specialists of "SAM" assemble 200 cabinets of automatic control systems, installation and connection of more than 5000 sensor instrumentation, pave more than 400 kilometers of cable and 10 miles of impulse piping.

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