31-year-old American with an artificial leg pulled up to the 103rd floor of the skyscraper


. The record was made possible by a medical experiment and the power of human will.

The man with the bionic leg foot got to the 103rd floor of high-rise buildings in Chicago. To do this, the man on the prosthesis had to overcome two thousand steps. Disabled person loses leg in a car accident, but do not get confused and adapted to life.

And even took part in the annual charity race at the top of a skyscraper on that and not every person is able to completely healthy. Within an hour of running enthusiast with another 3,000 people. To learn the unique prosthesis, which is controlled by the brain and is worth 8 million dollars, the man managed through medical experiments.

American hopes his example will inspire people who have lost limbs to be active. The scientists will be able to continue the development of artificial limbs.

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