$ 500 again became a dream

For the first month after the elections, the average salary in Belarus is significantly reduced. In January 2011, the average salary decreased by 12.9% as compared to December 2010. These data are published National Statistics Committee.

Before the presidential election the Belarusian government was doing everything possible to fulfill the promise of Alexander Lukashenko — the average salary of U.S. $ 500. In November, public sector salaries have increased by almost 30 percent. State-owned enterprises at the end of the year a variety of paid premiums and co-payments, and thus, in December for the whole country average wage 1595873 rubles, which is about 530 dollars. But in January, the situation has changed.

Vladimir Kuncevich

Work "Naftan" Vladimir Kuncevich— One of those for whose account the average salary in the country was brought to 500 dollars. In November and December, he received more than 4 million rubles. And his salary for January fell by almost half — to 2.5 million. Before the election, he won awards for safety, for the economy, the growth in output … Now there are no co-payments, said Kuncevich:

"It is clear that there is nothing to pay. This phenomenon of our economy, the Belarusian economic miracle — the latest effort is a last effort was made. Then it all liked it, although everything and knew it was a one-two, but after the New Year will be very different. It was as if a light bribery. " In addition to falling wages, after the elections, people felt and the rapid rise in prices, especially for food, says Vladimir Kuncevich:

"It is very noticeable. Not so long ago was that such a price spike that people began to take the checks and look at what can be saved. All you have to pay. And for that we chose Lukashenko, too, need to pay. "

George Stankevich

The sharp decline in wages until the backlog of state employees whose salaries are much lower than that of oil refiners. A teacher of a foreign language Beshenkovichi George Stankevich In October last year, did not earn a million rubles before the election received more than 1 million 200 thousand in January of this income is preserved. But then Mr. Stankiewicz expects deterioration:

"Then it was possible to limit that to throw a hundred, and it would be the same … But populism did it. But now they see that the budget is at the national level does not hold, so begins the "creeping counterrevolution," spun a little earlier. It's not advertised, do not write about it in the local newspapers. But just on Tuesday our girls were methodical meetings in the area, and they said, would be the reduction factor, and the end of the year will bee to receive the salary is not as high, which was in December and January. "

Thus, in January, the average salary in Russia fell below the symbolic threshold of $ 500. According to the ministry, it was 1,409,000 625 rubles — about $ 470.

Andrei Tur

Deputy Minister of Economy Andrei Tur said, "Freedom", which lower wages in January — the usual phenomenon for the economy:

"This is because there are always significant payments in December of the year. We have thus, in principle, always. And we go out somewhere on the December level in April. Sometimes — in March, it happens — in April. "

The January inflation rate, according to the Tour — a seasonal phenomenon:

"Always December, January was inflyatagennymi months. Look at the frosts are much have to spend energy. This is an eternal theme. We are always in the months just above inflation and then by the summer of inflation becomes smaller, we go out for 9-11 percent annually. "

Sergei Chaly

Independent economist Sergei Chaly says that every January is actually observed falling wages. But This year, situation-specific, post-election — he said:

"There was the usual distribution of elephants before the election. It is clear that the struggle dragged this salary of $ 500 … But it is clear that the economy has turned out not on a salary, and a rollback should be. "

Sergei Chaly predicts that in February, the average salary rose slightly, but $ 500 is still not reached. There are sometimes independent trade unions are preparing a protest to the Government about the drastic reduction of salaries of workers and price increases.

Alexander Yarashuk

Alexander Yarashuk, Chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions: "The main thing now is to figure out how the situation will develop further. We believe that the government has taken on more responsibility, thus agreeing to raise wages. And all the negative consequences in the form of a possible fall of wages in the form of rising prices the government assumed. We'll talk about it clearly, it is our position of principle. "


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