A resident of Malaysia beat Tiger ladle

A resident of Malaysia rescued her husband from a tiger attacked him and beat predator ladle, reports Associated Press. The incident occurred on Saturday, February 12, in the state of Perak.
As the agency of the local police, a tiger attacked a man named Tambun Gediu when he was hunting squirrels in the jungle near his home. When Malay way through the undergrowth, wild cat attacked him.

First, the hunter tried to escape by climbing a tree, but the tiger dragged him down. The man shouted, his voice heard wife, who at the time of the attack the tiger was at home in the kitchen.

Hearing the cries of her husband, 55-year-old woman grabbed a wooden ladle and rushed to the aid of his wife. When the woman saw her husband who attacked the tiger, it started to hit the animal on the head with a ladle, and a few seconds tiger retreated and fled into the jungle.

Unlucky hunter Tambuna Gediu soon hospitalized with lacerations legs and head. "If not for my wife, the tiger would have devoured me," — he said in an interview with local journalists.

State environmental protection agency intends to track down the man who attacked the tiger and drive it deeper into the jungle, where he would not be able to meet people.

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