A series of earthquakes in the south of the Red Sea

13.06.11.Seriya of eighteen aftershocks of magnitude 3 to 5.6, struck the territory of Eritrea and Ethiopia, which are in the southern Red Sea.

The first earthquake magnitude 5, occurred last night, exactly eleven and a half hours ago. Following the interval followed by other tremors. Last push, a magnitude 4.4, recorded five and a half hours ago. Note that the average force of tremors was about 4.

Details of casualties or damage, through foreign news agencies have been reported.

As you know, the Red Sea — is an inland sea the Indian Ocean. It is situated between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa, in a tectonic depression.


Map of Ethiopia

Israel moves to the cloud of volcanic ash from the volcano NABRO

13.06.11.Izverzhenie Nabro volcano on the border of Ethiopia and Eritrea, caused by a series of aftershocks, led to the formation of large clouds of volcanic ash, the website "Inyan Merkaz."

At Ben Gurion Airport are preparing for possible problems in the flight schedule, as reported by the Synoptics cloud, located at an altitude of 15 km, is moving in the direction of Israel and now it is separated from the air borders of our country only 1700 km. In similar circumstances last stop of the airport in Australia and New Zealand




12.06.11.Posle several series of earthquakes in Ethiopia, I have my suspicions about the eruption vulkana.Informatsiya not been verified, but it looks like a volcano Nabro that does not have data on the latest eruption.

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Catalogue of active volcanoes of the Earth

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