About chipizatsii, some questions and answers

1. General plans

Card will look like this:

Part of the plans behind the scenes is the gradual erasure of boundaries (creating a planetary country), which will be the general political, power, economic, social and religious systems. The integration of electronic information systems in all areas of society. Replacing all your important documents and money for the embedded chip in the human body, which is both a passport and a virtual wallet. There is also information about the systematic destruction of large parts of the planet, the abolition of the middle class, the transfer of important government functions to the private sector, etc.

Creating a planetary state takes steps. First, combine the regional councils, the EU was a kind of test. After it was decided to create a North American, Latin American, Arab, African and Asian alliances. Each association requires special conditions for member countries of the Union, from a lack of duties, ending with the creation of the single currency. Russia teams up with Belarus and Kazakhstan Customs Union. It is likely that we will be joined by other countries, such as the whole Ukraine, or at least the eastern part. And the process is more likely to go down much further than usual customs union … After creating regional alliances are merged into the planetary government.

To introduce chips as one of the items, which are an important aspect of globalization, fit gradually. First introduced in the usual cards. Biometric passports are made. Then he proposed to introduce a single universal card. Simultaneously starts chipizatsiya animals and certain categories of people, benefits pretexts as they wish, and in private offices, and possibly mandatory. When the Regional Council will be fully prepared to integrate into a single planetary government, and yet already, is likely to be carried out a full transition to non-cash currency through a single card will be asked to replace a single chip in the card body.

It is likely the artificial creation of a comprehensive crisis in the worst shape, ie first may be the goal of torturing people to such an extent that they may be willing to chipizatsiyu, important to have products and stability, and this should be ready.

2. Implementation

Chipizatsiya animals already underway:

Introduce a single universal card. Recent News:

"Universal E-card will be issued to Russian citizens, 14 years of age, from 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2013 on the application. Other citizens of the Russian Federation, not written application for a universal electronic card or waiver of its receipt, the universal electronic card will be issued from 1 January 2014. "

Official confirmation — Strategy development of electronic industry in Russia for the period up to 2025

There is an official order ORDER № 311 of August 7, 2007 Approval of Electronic Industry Development Strategy of Russia until 2025:

"In order to implement a unified state policy in dealing with the dynamic development of the electronics industry of the Russian Federation and in accordance with the request of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 26, 2005 № MF-P9-4838 and the minutes of the meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 21, 2006 № 33 p r and r and s c a u:

1. To approve the Electronic Industry Development Strategy of Russia until 2025.

2. To establish that the Ministry responsible for the implementation of the Strategy of development of electronic industry in Russia for the period up to 2025 are Rosprom (Aleshin BS), Department of the military-industrial complex (Yu.N.Koptev) and the Department of State Industrial Policy (VU Salamatov).

3. The enforcement of this order without prior notice.

Minister VB Khristenko "

Quoted from the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation:
On page 59 of the strategy is a paragraph:

"The introduction of nanotechnology should further expand the depth of its penetration into the daily life of the population. It shall be a constant relationship of each individual to the global information and control networks such as Internet.

Nanoelectronics will be integrated with biological objects and provide continuous control over the maintenance of their life, improved quality of life, and thus reduce social expenditures.

Widespread get built-in wireless nanoelectronic devices that provide constant contact with the surrounding human intellectual environment, will become common means of direct wireless contact with the human brain surrounding objects, vehicles, and other people. The circulation of such products to over one billion units per year due to its ubiquity … "

Quoted from this strategy, downloaded from the official website of the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry
Information does not need comments. Pay attention, human nature is called primitive, small and ordinary "bio-objects", as if meant real robots.

Foresight project "Childhood 2030"

In April 2008, on the initiative of some members (lobbyists) of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and an endowment to support youth initiatives, "My Generation" with the participation of the International Association of methodological launched the Foresight project "Childhood-2030." More information can be found in a small film Khomyakov VE "What Foresight project" Childhood 2030 "»
As part of this article is to quote a few sentences from an article describing the progress of the project from the official site of the Charitable Foundation to support youth initiatives, "My Generation": "2025 … can be programmed abilities and characteristics of children … child's capacity can be increased through genetic modification and chipizatsii."
Are there any more doubt about chipizatsii? It is no longer about the U.S. or the West, where the processes chipizatsii as one of the points of globalization and the creation of a single state began earlier, and about Russia, a country where we live, so the information for each person directly. Applies to everyone, regardless of religious belief, political opinion, etc.

3. Questions and Answers

That's it! Chipizirovat people want … the state supports and facilitates its implementation.

Q: Are there any benefits from chipizatsii?

The introduction of a certain chip, all the functions and side effects of which are not advertised officially, in his most personal space (the body), even on a subconscious level, perceived a potential threat. Those people-know-nothings who as experimental mice afford to adopt the chip, are becoming the proverbial biological objects. Incidentally, these terms are found in this document. The official strategy of development of electronic industry in Russia for the period up to 2025 people directly called biological objects, and in discussing the law On the basis of the health of citizens of the Russian Federation child called a "product of conception."

1. If a person does not behave very well, from the virtual wallet it can automatically remove the n-th sum of money.

2. If a person is very objectionable system, pressing it can be eliminated. Not necessarily to the capsule with a chip were certain viruses and toxins, the technology allows for the level of pulses to send signals that activate chemical reactions in the body and lead to his death. For example, in China, an elite squad of the army has recently practiced implanting chips his men. And if all of a sudden he starts to threaten, or there are other reasons that keep people alive is dangerous, then press the button … and not a fighter.

3. The farther away from the chip card reader, so need a more powerful signal. Accordingly, in order to track the movement of a person with a chip satellite signals required for a significant effect. On the dangers of cell phone radiation have heard many, but the phone is from the outside of the body, and the chip inside constantly, therefore, more harm.

4. At the moment you can not say for sure whether the chips read people's thoughts. Given the significant technology advance rulers of those who descend to the masses, such developments may well have to be, and to the years 2025-2030 can be released to the masses. Technology development is intense, and if these developments have not yet been created, they can appear. But at this point we already know that in addition to killing people by running chemical reactions in the human body, the chips are likely to impact on the psycho-emotional state.

5. In the present society, everything can be bought and sold. Confidential information as such is not, so the information about a particular person can be transferred and criminal organizations, including in the government. And the man or biological object, as they are known, have nowhere to stay. The system keeps track of all his actions, not only the movement, but also with whom to contact, what to buy.

There are only psevdoplyusy through which an advertising company through statements of experts, politicians, analysts, scientists, through the media. For example, say that chipizatsiya increase the safety of people in connection with terrorism. But if you look in more detail, specifically terrorism by them was created, then to impose restrictions and increase the level of control over the population.

On plans global mafia, terrorism, there is an interview with Aaron Russo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDRGuYoDkP0

Q: Are you ready to clearly define its position on account chipizatsii?

Think there is still time, but the earlier one and will be a conscious decision, the more you can do, not only for themselves but also for your friend. It's simple, clear answer to mean either "yes — chipiziruyus" or "no — absolutely against it." Reflect costs, but not to delay … In the end everyone is in charge for itself.

Question: why it's important to make the right choice?

Backstage manages people with their own tacit permission, subtly manipulating the mind, and thus to make decisions. If a man has put a clear rejection chipizatsii, then no matter how they will advertise it, would you do differently. Chipiziruyutsya Let those who do not know how to think, and you set a goal and develop, if not already engaged in this.

Chipizatsiyu not take a lot of people, because even the zombie man on a subconscious level in your body to let some other people's, the more technocratic device, which is made of a controlled substance, as such, no desire. However, since his consciousness subtly manipulated, the statements of politicians, analysts and researchers can push the world to take the right decision mafia. Prominent speakers will advertise chipizatsiyu …

Here is an example video where Zhirinovsky unambiguously support chipizatsiyu (that promotes the idea of a mass)

Another example, the well-known economist Mikhail Khazin in his speech 9/10/2010 on the radio "Voice of Russia" — "Opposite to the world" has acted adversely to any actions of world government, including against depopulation and building their orderly rows:

"19 minute Khazin:" They put in a very clear thing, though they change the ideology. Well, let's say they believe that the disorder, such as Attali, Stiglitz did not know about, it's more local people, he has no such ch … He mondialists Attali, and he sincerely believes that all the ugliness in the world comes from the fact that too much freedom people, so you need to build them all, so they orderly means … so … they will be lined up as it is to order the same world government. In this case, there is also the idea that too many people that they need to dramatically cut away and all the so-called charity …. er … Bill Geyttsa, who spent most of his charity spends on various programs on eugenics, roughly speaking, how to change man, how to make people to be fruitless, and so on., that they are not too well bred. Ideally, make a virus, or a substance, especially for breeding Chinese, Arabs or Africans there, doing it longer. From the point of view of any Christian is a sort of Satanism, so I am, by this very negative, yes, by the way, is not necessarily a Christian, Muslims and Jews too. Therefore, to all of this, in general, have very negative attitude, but, thank God, it looks like they do not have time to be too late to start. Apparently they do not have time, but in general would certainly not want them to even partial success achieved in its path. "

Host: "Yes, of course do not want to …"

Only a few months. Speaking at the program "The credit of trust" with Mikhail Khazin on radio "Echo of Moscow" on December 22, 2010 stated:

At 0:58 Khazin says: "I also believe that the development of nanotechnology to everything from babies immediately implement chip. And as if in every section should be a framework that read, who goes out to these people, respectively. And to introduce the rules of liberal morality, that if people spent the night at home, he is there to pay a fine. Well, I think we need to put some support fund nanotechnology. Well, or fund, as it's called … Mikhalkov, that means there that this money is received. And accordingly to develop our democracy. "

On 13 minutes Khazin continues the theme: "I was talking about why chipizatsii, it's not just because, at a time when it is clear that the level of social tension will increase in power will be two exits. Comes the first change to the system that, in general, authorities are not ready. Nowhere, in any country. second option to tighten the screws. I remind you that in 20 years, 30 … In the smaller countries of Europe, virtually all established a fascist regime. Well, now look at Eastern Europe, most , all of the Baltic countries, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania … there was only the fascist regime in Czechoslovakia. And the question … what if in this case I forgot to … Portugal, Spain … "

Leading suggests: "Germany, Italy …"

Khazin: "Germany, Italy, as it were then, they separately … but in Italy, by the way, because it was a result of all of the economy, that is, they do not fall from the skies. For power they have, as it were two questions, or as if they refuse all liability, we do not know, here are the power and do with it what you want. elite do not do that. second option will be to tighten the screws. But today all great idea — the chip. If you act wrong if you're a dissident, in different sense of the word, we just lock your chip, and you are dying of hunger … a gun, because you can not pay. "

So, a few months Khazin completely changed his position for any reason, and advertised chipizatsiyu. Of course, that such a PR effect on those who do not have their clear zdravomyslennoy position, and relies on the authority.

Conclusion: the need to have their own position on the basis of zdravomyslennogo analysis and stick it in the actions, decisions, then advertising will not work.

Q: Can I make a difference and to influence events?

Very much in terms of behind the scenes depends on humanity itself. Manipulate the behavior of the crowd, but if things do not go as planned, that their ideas are correct the basis of the situation. If the majority of people will not affect any of the methods chipizatsii nor the most primitive — power or more sophisticated — propaganda, nor the method of "hopelessness" (not chipizirueshsya — fired from work), or a public circus as a "hostile aliens came," and etc., to postpone chipizatsiyu another ten or twenty years for them is not so difficult. Why? They run for a long time and plan for decades, and general plans can be considered and for centuries to come.

Everyone, even a little reflection will understand — manages a handful of people, and controls billions. If each unit of the crowd does not want chipizirovatsya for some beliefs, exactly like doing something dirty, a small part of managers simply can not do anything against the other — the system will collapse.

So yes, to influence the general course of events is possible. The aim is to at least get out of yourself and take chipiziatsii its clear stance in this regard, even better, get interested friends and acquaintances. From this it is necessary to start with yourself. So, if these people get more than the number — the general plan change.

Already, everyone can contribute and start sharing any information that will motivate self-awareness, development, harmony, and therefore categorical rejection chipizatsii and other destructive plans behind the scenes, such as juvenile justice, Foresight Project Childhood 2030, and the like. Many people have a forum account, someone's blog, or maybe even sites, so it is important to disseminate information about it, starting now.

Q: terrible reason of all information about chipizatsiyu population?

Scary because of alleged stalemate "and how I will live then if suddenly chipiziruyus?" — For himself to himself to solve the issue, then there will be no fear, because there will be alternatives. Probably everyone has their own, who decides that in its outlook, and development opportunities.

You just need to be prepared in advance to when can say "another half year free chipizatsii and single card will be canceled, so, all others must implant a chip" … and if not in person, then in such a society there is no place (it should be noted biorobots society), as even if the chip can not buy anything. Necessary to resolve the issue in advance, there will be an alternative — the fear will disappear. We must simply be prepared. And we'll see if these people do not want to chipizirovatsya regardless of the method used is a sufficient amount (most likely will) be more likely chipizatsiya en masse will be delayed.

Energy man's fear of fueling their chipizatsiey egregors and make them stronger, so you need to stop being afraid.

Q: recommendations?

Recommended to look inward, to develop spiritually, to find harmony within themselves and with the outside world, to develop the esoteric side. Achieved self-development and spirituality is not acquired or in churches and temples, not for any seminars and lectures for money or something else. In other words, to build a temple of peace within yourself.

As a result, over time, may disappear imposed desire for materialistic values and opens a new view about the world, that the world is not the same as imposed on us that the man — a creator, so all that is going on in his life, he is their conscious or unconscious decisions eventually made himself, perhaps with the filing of other entities, information, and so you can create your own reality, one in which there is no place chips harmony prevails.

That is, each person has laid great potential, there are tools that can be used to achieve their goals. All this is, but few of the inhabitants that knowingly uses. Spiritual development opens a supernormal abilities to raise their level of morality and awareness, use hidden tools. This opens up new options for the future.

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