About tectonic disturbances in the Hejaz

About tectonic disturbances in the Hejaz

Environmental experts from Saudia warns impending volcanic eruptions between Mecca and Medina and the subsequent devastating earthquake and denies link to this temperature increase of volcanoes.

Professor of Ecology Department of studying Sea University. King Abdul Aziz in Jeddah Dr. Ali Adnan Ashki warned of the possible occurrence of volcanic eruptions in the area between Noble Mecca and Medina Most Lucent, as well as to the north of Medina in Aiys and Khaybar, which can cause an earthquake. Tremors can be particularly devastating in remote areas and villages, buildings which can be nebezopastnymi.

Dr. Ashki said that U.S. Geological Survey recently released a report which confirmed the existence of a volcano in Aiys that in the next two years could threaten Medina and g.Yanbu Most Lucent, as well as the surrounding provinces of Medina, and also confirms that the oscillations of the earth, not noticed by people who are constantly in the region, and in Jeddah revealed three such insensible variations.

As between Mecca and Medina vyyaleno 300 thousand volcanic craters, which may at any time make an eruption. Thus denied bond probability of eruption and fever volcanoes. Dr. Ashki said captured eight years ago in the pipeline to them. King Fahd exits to the surface and underground gas spills volcanic magma, and the fact that there has been in recent years in Aiyse are directly related to the situation in Medina.

According to the Saudi newspaper "Al-Yaum" ("Day") to Dr. Ashki, sometimes called the "father of volcanoes", as to what these volcanoes are already observed for hundreds of years, and it is also a danger of eruption warning some of them are justified, for they are opastnost not less than nuclear reactors and radioactive nuclides.

Dr. Ashki indicates that in remote areas and villages between Mecca and Medina were fixed cracks in the walls of buildings, the phenomenon of tremors, insensible people. Doctor asks Ashki increase people's awareness of these phenomena, and how to behave in the event of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and consider it in the construction of buildings in the Most Lucent Medina and surrounding area, located in a zone of volcanic activity.


Source:Sudanese Journal

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