Alcor Bio Group has started the synthesis of oligonucleotides on order

SC Alcor Bio takes orders from third parties on the synthesis of oligonucleotides. The company's equipment produces oligonucleotides not only standard definition but also high-purity, suitable for the most delicate scientific experiments, for example, for cloning.

In mid-March, the St. Petersburg Biotech Holding Alcor Bio announced the start accepting orders from third parties on Oligonucleotide synthesis. Earlier in the Civil Alcor Bio oligosintez was arranged for their own needs: to design and produce kits for PCR and microarray diagnostics, as well as for the project to clinical sequencing.

"Today, for their own consumption we synthesize oligonucleotides are of good quality and in the right quantity, — said the head of the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics oligosinteza SC Alcor Bio Vladimir Survilo.- We have debugged process flow and now we can take orders and also from third parties. " 

The company is capable of producing, ie synthesized and purified to 300 oligonucleotides per day. This equipment allows to obtain oligonucleotides of not only standard quality, as required, such as PCR, but highly purified and suitable for the most delicate scientific experiments, for example, for cloning.

"In order to effectively implement oligosintez to order, very important logistics — says Vladimir Survilo.- This is due to the fact that the market is an oligonucleotide large number of small orders, each of which is thus also different. Therefore, the main focus of the work we are doing to ensure that the customer receives the order and reagents claimed quality and within the specified period. "

OligonukleotidyKorotkie nucleic acid fragments with a predetermined sequence which is obtained by chemical synthesis on the automatic DNA synthesizer. Synthetic oligonucleotides are widely used in research in the field of modern molecular biology and medicine, including the microarray-based technologies for diagnostic PCR for cloning, sequencing of the genome, as well as for the synthesis of synthetic genes.

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