Alekseyev's worried about the state of human rights in Belarus

The head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, a member of the Presidential Council for Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights Ludmila Alexeeva concerned that expelled from Belarus Russian and Ukrainian human rights activists to press down on lawyers and that there are political prisoners in the country.

"Russian human rights activists are very concerned that the staff of the International Observation Mission expelled from Belarus", — said Alekseev.

She said that it is about seven Russians and three Ukrainians.

The head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, admitted that she was afraid of being deported from Belarus: "I did not tell anyone that I was here the food because I was not sure what I'll say come back on the same train back."

Speaking to the presence of political prisoners, Lyudmila Alexeeva, said: "A country where there are political prisoners, can not be considered a democratic country and should kept under particularly close scrutiny of all civilized countries. "

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