Alien technology will be indistinguishable from magic

Stephen Hawking recently warned that contact with an advanced alien civilization might have uzhasnayuschie consequences for the human race. Arthur C. Clarke once famously observation that sufficiently advanced technology is for the observer to be indistinguishable from magic.

In the story, the Strugatsky "Kid" was first occupied zvezdoletchiki another planet for mind blank and after and could not understand what kind of laws there is intelligent life out there.

Following in their footsteps, the recognized world experts from physicist Sir Martin Rees of Cambridge University to astrobiologist Paul Davies of Arizona State University asked the question — and if we meet the alien technology that is far superior to our own, whether we recognize it? Technology that is ahead of us, perhaps a million years or more, most likely, will look miraculous.

In fact, according to Paul Davies, in his book, is so advanced technology can be based at all on the matter. She may not have a fixed size or shape, not to have clearly defined borders. It can be dynamic in all dimensions of space and time. Or vice versa — do not do anything outwardly that we could recognize. Does not consist of individual discrete elements, but to be more as a fine or a high-level correlation components.

"Is the world consists only of matter and information?" Asked Davis. Five hundred years ago, he says, "the concept of the device and manipulate data, or software, would not be represented. Perhaps, there is now a higher level beyond all human experience, which, for example, organizes the electrons? If so, this "third level" we will never be able to see through observations at the information level, even less — on the material. "

We must be open to the possibility that an advanced alien technology age in millions of years, can operate on the third, or even fourth or fifth level — which is not be represented for the human mind at its current stage of evolution.

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