Amateur astronomer makes better images of the moon by NASA. Why?

In his articles with regards to the study of the surface of the moon shots, I have repeatedly drawn the attention of the reader to the fact that the quality of the images provided by NASA public — is extremely low. And this despite the fact that the moons are orbiting satellites NASA LRO.
Article from the site of the Earth Chronicles.

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO, the Lunar orbiter) — automatic interplanetary station NASA, an artificial satellite of the moon. Starting with the launch vehicle Atlas V was held June 19, 2009 at 01:32 (GMT), which after the scheduled time of almost one and a half hours. The delay was due to unfavorable weather conditions. June 23, 2009 probe entered lunar orbit.

LRO, together with another device Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) are the vanguard of the NASA program «Lunar Precursor Robotic Program» to return to the moon.

Pictures transmitted by these satellites are laid out in easy access here.

According to NASA satellite the following equipment for shooting:

LROC (The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera) principal optical camera for taking photographs of the lunar surface with a resolution of up to half a meter, with which will look for a suitable landing sites manned missions. LROC consists of three chambers: a low-resolution camera (WAC) and two high-resolution cameras (NAC), the first of which is intended to provide general location plans, and two others — for pictures with higher resolution. It is planned to take photos about 8% of the lunar surface, including:

1) all the places associated with human activities: landing sites manned spacecraft "Apollo", the American and Soviet automatic stations, as well as the craters formed in the fall of artificial lunar satellites and other devices

2) 50 "areas of high interest" taken by scientists

3) polar regions, which are now considered the most promising for the organization manned base.

The quality of images transmitted to the ground, you can by visiting the above site, but about any permits "up to half" and there is no question. Black-and-white pictures — disgusting quality, just shameful for a modern civilization.

That would not be me cite one example — a picture with LRO that was provided to NASA as proof that the United States landed on the moon.

Comment NASA: LRO photographed the area near the landing ship "Apollo 14." In the picture with a spatial resolution of 0.8 meters are clearly visible footprints astronauts and a structure in the place where the ship was the lunar module.

Looking at the picture surprised fantasy NASA, who saw in this disgusting quality picture — "distinct traces" and you find yourself wondering — NASA satellites carry on the Chinese "Soap"?

Well, let's leave at the time of lunar satellites NASA Chinese consumer goods instead of the camera, but let and telescopes for scientists all over the world, also made in China?

Where images of the lunar surface made by professional, powerful, great resolution and digital telescopes? Science is constantly feeds us "ignorant people" disgusting quality photos and it is unclear whether they have telescopes from the nearest supermarket, or hands do not grow from there, whether the cause lies elsewhere — unwillingness to give ordinary people a clear and high-quality images of the surface of the moon.

Amateur astronomers, remove the surface of the moon is much better quality than both the NASA satellite to orbit the moon and all professional observatories in the world combined!

Below I will give a simple man in the street pictures taken from France. ordinary people interested in space.

And Thierry Lego worked out not in the equatorial desert, and in a suburb of Paris, in spite of all the lights of the fifth-largest city in Europe — has made great shots and not only the Moon, but also Mercury and Uranus! And he was incredibly detailed images of both of them. If you look closely, see the details of the surface of Mercury and Uranus Pictures cloud belt he made using 356-millimeter Telescope Celestron C14 Edge HD camera and Skynyx 2-2.

The quality of the photos by NASA show the sun, you can write another similar article. I just bring a photo made by the same lover, where the ISS is embodied in the sun, you can appreciate the detail of the image. Full gallery of what an amateur astronomer photographed this, you can look at his website.

Often, the comments have to read the slogans of those who defend NASA and others like them — "You rejoice that NASA shows all these pictures!". And I — not happy, and you know why? There is nothing to rejoice. We keep with you for a flock, who are denied the right to know more than allowed by a shepherd, excuse me for being straightforward and anyone who thinks otherwise is simply too naive.

Now in 2012, spy satellites orbiting the earth, free to read what you write on a piece of paper or a message that you write in a cell, and take pictures of the moon or the sun in the same quality science can not?

It is hoped that such as Thierry Lego will be more and more, and the quality of the equipment available to the average user — getting better and better. Maybe then we will finally know the truth.

The truth about the surrounding world with you …



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