American students attacked a grizzly left alone

Grizzly bear, attacked in Alaska on a group of seven students and hard ranivshuyu two of them, will not shoot. This writes Reuters citing local management of water and forest biological resources (Alaska Department of Fish and Game).

According to the agency, Lem Butler (Lem Butler), a biologist at the controls, the animal does not pose a direct threat to man, so it was decided not to kill and not even looking for him. In addition, in the remote area where the attack happened, to do this would be extremely difficult. Experts believe that the bear attacked the teens, protecting the bear — this scenario is unlikely to be repeated soon.

On Saturday, July 23, seven students, high school students received training in survival, moved across the creek in Talkeetna Mountains east of Anchorage, Alaska. At this point they were attacked by a bear, grizzly bear, seriously wounded two teenagers, 17-year-old Samuel Gottsegena and Joshua Berg, and caused three more injured. When she went to the woods, the students called rescuers. Berg and sanitary Gottsegena flown by helicopter to a medical center in Anchorage.

According to the newspaper Anchorage Daily News, on Monday, July 25, their condition has improved.

It's obvious that the local management of Alaska made the right decision, especially if the version of the Animal Protection bear its confirmed. After reading such news, we find ourselves increasingly in a fragile balance between man and his younger brother. Take a closer look to their students, maybe they need veterinary services, the importance of which many forget, mistakenly thinking that everything would somehow self-other.

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