Amur tigers are killed by canine distemper

Scientists have confirmed the presence of canine distemper virus in a population of Amur tigers. If urgent action is taken, the infection will put the future of the north of the tigers bold cross.
Vikipediynaya article about endangered species is illustrated by a portrait of a tiger. The fact that this animal was chosen as the emblem of endangered species, in itself speaks volumes. Tiger numbers abbreviated because of reduced habitat caused by human activities, and because of the greed of the hunters. According to statistics, in the wild, there are about 3,500 tigers, and to protect that trace amounts in different countries last year was awarded a total of $ 50 million.

The situation of the Amur tiger is particularly sad. According to estimates, in 2005, this subspecies is comprised only 500 individuals, and since then, it is believed that number was reduced by one hundred. While there are no data on how to visit Tiger said Russia's current prime minister, from which, as we know, come rays of grace. But now it is known that our tigers are still dying from the infection. Well but to link these two events would be too bold a step — not least because the first victim of the tigers was registered in 2003. Then, in the village of Pokrovka Khabarovsk Territory was caught sick tigress. Despite all the efforts of the doctors, the animal died, and the culprit was a deadly infection canine distemper virus.

Analysis of samples from this tigress and even a few individuals with similar symptoms, the researchers convinced of the World Wildlife that they have to deal with the threat of an epidemic of distemper among tigers. Their fears, scientists reported in Ussuriysk at the congress of the International Year of the forest. How would these funny sounds, dog distemper, which we usually encounter in domestic dogs is a serious threat to wild predators. In 1994, an epidemic of the disease killed thousands of lions in the Serengeti National Park, accounting for nearly a third of the population. It is believed that distemper has put on the extinction of the American ferret. Mutant variant of the virus occasionally suffers European seal population.

Carriers of the virus are usually the home or feral dogs. In the case of the epidemic spread of the disease in the Serengeti was stopped due to mass vaccination of dogs in the surrounding national park. Obviously, the Tigers took distemper also not from the air. Scientists believe that to protect them from possible infection in the same way that protected the African lions — mass vaccination of dogs in the area. However, we can hardly hope that the next president will such a thing as vaccination rural dogs somewhere on the other edge of the map: it is much easier to raise Russia from its knees, posing at the helm of some of the naval craft.

Prepared according to the World Wildlife.

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