An earthquake with magnitude 6.2 occurred near the island in the Atlantic High

Earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred on Sunday in the sub-Antarctic archipelago of the South Sandwich Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, according to the U.S. Geological Survey website.

Quake recorded at 9.54 on UTC (13.54 MSK). The epicenter was located 104 kilometers north-west of the island's high, the focus lies at a depth of 115.5 kilometers.

The islands of the archipelago are uninhabited, but they can run scientific expeditions.

The South Sandwich Islands have the status of overseas territory of the UK (which is claimed by Argentina). High above the island was named after the Russian Lieutenant Thorson, who in the years 1819-1821 on the ship "Vostok" participated in the world cruise Thaddeus Bellingshausen (then opened Antarctica). For participation in the Decembrist uprising in 1825, Thorson was sentenced to hard labor for 20 years, and the Russians opened the island its name has been renamed.

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