Announcement: Lukashenko is surrounded by enemies

Why Alexander Lukashenko, in his words, and do not care about the West and the East? What will be the verdict in the case of two Russians — Artem Brevsa and Ivan Gaponava? Belarusian army to fulfill the order for the suppression of popular unrest? What could be the echo of the Belarusian Arab revolutions?

On these issues in the "Prague accent" says head of the civil campaign "Our House" Olga Karach, radio commentator Vitaly Tsigankov and Russian political scientist Andrew Suzdaltsev.

Listen to transfer to Sunday, February 27, at 18 pm.

We offer you the fragments of transmission:

Karach: Lukashenko sees politics — both domestic and international, as the war and dispense with all — and with partners and allies as enemies … Bargaining political prisoners brought him dividends with the West, but Russia is unlikely to yield. Whatever the result of the verdict Russians win the Russian … I think that Lukashenka put Brevsa and Gaponava, this is it revenge for Medvedev and Putin … The strongest repression — against those who had been close to Lukashenko, it is a warning to those who are close to him now … The population, in principle, is not ready to go into the dugout for someone else … If he's here to declare war, the population just razbyazhytstsa — who in Moscow, who in the European Union. Look, what is now a "revolution" in the SAI for obtaining the rights of the European model.

Suzdaltsev: Lukashenko after the election for a fourth term illegitimate for the world, he would have liked to see himself surrounded by Medvedev and Putin, but it did not work … He does not trust the West and with good reason … According to my information Brevs and Gapon receive suspended sentences … In the Russian case these guys is perceived as a humiliation Russia … People screaming in Sochi Lukashenko that he is the president of a banana republic and a fascist … Of course, Lukashenko will throw troops to disperse in which case, he will not stop before going to bomb Minsk.

Tsigankov: Lukashenko knows that he has support is now lower than before, so he tries to regain the trust of the electorate in any way … Now, when Europe was flushed, the dialogue is not possible, in any case … It is, I think, I am sure that economic sanctions will not be imposed in any case, unless he starts shooting people … The only which can be say that Brevsu and Gaponavu not guilty verdict … Lukashenko starts the game on the Russian elections of 2012 … I questioned the fact that Lukashenko would order the army to shoot people, and that the troops will execute the order if he would be betrayed.

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