Antalya flooded after heavy rains

Because of the rampant disaster in the resort region of Antalya on Turkey day canceled classes in schools. There were heavy rains, podtopivshie 50 residential and commercial buildings. Due to the nature of the local architecture, many apartments and shops are located either at the sidewalk or in the basement, adding to the damage caused by heavy rains.

Suffered the most retail space in the basement recently opened the largest shopping center of Antalya. Went to trial, and the share of foreign tourists. Those who caught the bad weather on the street, had to get to their buses, moving on the water, according to ITAR-TASS.
Storm and strong wind made it difficult to work Antalya International Airport. About 60 flights were delayed. Some planes were directed to land at other airports in Turkey. In particular, in Antalya, could not get the plane from Kazakhstan.
As the local meteorologists, October 9, on Sunday, in Antalya fell on average 279 liters of water per square meter. In this case, the wind speed reached 80 miles per hour. Showers in Antalya will last more in the next two days

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