Antarctica. Icy finger of death.

As I said, Antarctica is fraught with an incredible amount of terrifying secrets and mysteries. One — Icy finger of death. This Extremely cold water with a huge salt, which kills all living things in its path!

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Cameramen Hugh Miller and Doug Anderson (Hugh Miller et Doug Anderson) were pioneers of the previously unknown phenomenon during its presence in the Antarctic. Above the surface of the ocean cameramen have found ice stalactites which burn depth of the ocean in the form of a jet is extremely cold (almost frozen) and very salty water. Scientists to name this phenomenon "brinikly" and statements that he observed this phenomenon dubbed the "ice finger of death."

The water of this stream has a much greater density than all other ocean water surrounding it, and also the temperature of the jet is much lower, it is colder than ice, literally speaking. How is this possible, scientists can not explain. Earlier, a similar phenomenon no one met and did not even know about the possibility of the presence of such!

This "ice finger of death 'kill all living up to what touches, turning everything into ice. It can be clearly seen in the extraordinary video that provided a channel BBC. This chilling torrent of salt water as vnutriokeanskaya turbulent river rushes from the surface to the depths of the ocean and sweep away everything in its path. All ocean animals (starfish and other ocean organisms) over and over again fall into this trap of ice.

Near the volcanic Ross Island, where they were identified by underwater cameras BBC, operators were able to find and photograph the 4 ice stalactite, which are very fast and really make freeze the blood in the veins of the one who observes this phenomenon.


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