Antarctica — the gate through which we come to the aliens

Recently shocked the scientific world sensation, which casts doubt on all the usual ideas about how our planet. British scientists have listened to our land with the latest deep seismograph, and came to the incredible conclusion — perhaps our planet in a completely empty!

The hypothesis that the entrance to the underworld, if it exists, of course — is located at the south pole of the planet, a centuries-old ice of Antarctica, for many years, is haunted by the scientific world. For the first time in the history of Russian scientists decided to penetrate the underworld of Antarctica, and suddenly find themselves on the threshold of incredible discoveries of new forms of life.

Modern science says that the earth is solid. Next is the mantle. According to scientists, this is a red-hot magma that sometimes erupts to the surface in the form of volcanic eruptions. And the red-hot core — warm heart of our planet. However, recent research scientists suggest that these ideas might be wrong. Through research, scientists have come to the incredible conclusion. It may be that within the earth did not just empty, and all the space it filled with water. For this amazing version, inside a huge underwater world, shining a small inner star — its sun. But the most incredible thing is that the world may be inhabited! That's just what forms of life are hidden under the thick ice of the Arctic?

For many years, scientists believed that Antarctica — the millions of tons of ice that surround the sea, but a recent Russian polar explorers discovered at a depth of 1,200 meters genuine ancient lake. Arctic ice cap to hide this unique lake a few million years. Thick ice defended almost sterile water of the lake from all external influences — climatic, environmental and atmospheric change. That's why scientists have sensational hypothesis that the waters of the "East" can live beings unknown to us, and even civilizations that lived there for more than 60 million years. Moreover, the discovery of this unique Lake Vostok, has allowed scientists to assume that it hides a gate to the unknown underwater world of the earth …

According to one version, the emptiness of the world can inhabited by a civilization for which the conditions of high temperature and hard oxygen deficiency seems to be acceptable.

Professor Nikolai Vasilev SPGGU inclined to think that Antarctica may be the gateway through which the aliens are coming to us, "If UFOs come from some other dimensions in our, in the space of our planet, they are just in the polar regions: North and South" .

Periodically there are reports of unidentified flying objects as rising from the area of the Antarctic and back again. But so far no one has managed to find the point on the icy continent, where it soar unidentified objects.

Not only the UFO, but the Germans during World chosen ice caves. They are perfect, and to organize them in a number of research laboratories, where it was possible to create a supernova weapon. But — just one version to another — Antarctica interested in Hitler as a special military strategic object. More information about this release, as well as why the 50 years it was thought that no land at the South Pole is not, and why the polar night the sun began to rise over the horizon, will be available from the new documentary REN TV "Antarctica. Icy Universe "April 20 at 21.00.

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