Anu, Phaeton, Nibiru — the death of the planet.

Nibiru, Nemesis — At this fateful planet has many names. Its existence has not been proven, but we know about it from the many legends and giving people: Sumerians, the Aztecs, the Mayans, who know a lot about astronomy. But in this article we will not consider its arrival and has to prove she really is, the main part of this article will be dedicated to the legends of ancient peoples of her death. Our ancestors have witnessed its destruction and that the information sought to pass on to their descendants!

From the book by Simon V. Star. Apocalypse.
In the astronomical Aztec Code «Fejervary-Mayer» there is a curious illustration depicting characters planets of the solar system. In the lower left corner of the picture painted by Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and the planet with the symbol of the eagle's head (5 orbit), which disappeared forever in the depths of space at the next cataclysm caused by the passage next to her massive object. Renowned astronomer and physician Heinrich Olbers who discovered Pallas and Vesta, suggested that in place of the asteroid belt located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, the planet once was. From the monstrous attack from outside or from an internal explosion planet was destroyed. This hypothetical planet, later called the Phaeton — in honor of the son of the sun god Helios. Now in its place is the asteroid belt. The Sumerians and Hittites called it a heavenly body — a planet or Nibiru Anu (translation — a place of intersection). To avoid confusion and called the dead planet.

In the center of the picture there is an anthropomorphic image of Jupiter with the ten largest satellites. In the deity of this huge planet instead of the left foot sticking out bare bone, and a severed hand — a symbol of sacrifice. In this way, the Aztecs were trying to convey information about the terrible accident that took place in the Jupiter system during the passage of the neutron star near the planet. In the upper left corner of the ancient document shows the "home" of Jupiter, symbols, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Code Fejervary-Mayer. The solar system. Jupiter (center) and his companions.

Legends and myths of ancient peoples have kept the information, sometimes allegorically, about the big "battle" taking place in the skies over our planet. In Egyptian mythology, there are several versions of the battle the evil dwarf Seth, whom the Greeks called Typhon, with Osiris and his son Horus (Jupiter). According to one of them, as a result of the celestial battle Set and its 72 partner or associate of Osiris break into pieces. After the battle, the goddess Isis brings together 14 pieces of God and resurrects him. Moreover, one part of it, the most important for a man she has never found. Applying the "artificial insemination" or "method of cloning," Isis gave birth to a son, Horus. After that revived Osiris, handing over power to his offspring the heavens will disappear from the kingdom of darkness in the direction of the constellation Orion. The myth of Osiris and Seth battle, perhaps the most ancient tradition that has come down to our time. The Egyptians portrayed as evil Seth anthropomorphic creatures with fiery red hair, which could take the shape of a roaring snake, crocodile, or even rabbit. According to legend, during the battle between Seth and Osiris from the sky rained abundantly "bones of the skeleton Seth made of iron," which the Egyptians called the word "bya" — meteoric iron.

If we translate the Egyptian myths allegorical texts into modern language, the scenario space battle unfolded like this. Seth (Typhon), become acquainted with the planet Nibiru (Osiris) close enough (Roche limit), its gravity tore it into 14 pieces, which then, in accordance with the laws of gravity, again together in one heavenly body. According to the myth of Osiris — his collected piecemeal goddess Isis. When this terrible catastrophe orbit of the destroyed planet Nibiru has changed significantly and permanently left the solar system. Although, according to Zechariah Sitchin (?), Nibiru has appeared several times in the night sky with a period of 3600 years. At the site of a major battle is now the asteroid belt — evidence of a terrible disaster occurred in ancient times.

A similar story about the battle between the celestial gods Anu (Nibiru) and Kumarbi (Typhon), there is an ancient Hittite myth: "And nine centuries passed, as he reigned in heaven Anu. When it was the tenth century, Began with Anu fight Kumarbi, Kumarbi, a descendant Alalu, was in heaven with Anu fight. One glance Kumarbi not bear out of his hand broke Anu and he escaped Kumarbi. God Anu ran from Kumarbi, soaring higher and higher into the sky.
Kumarbi, overtaking him, grabbed him by his feet firmly down from the sky, he pulled Anu. And he was bitten in the leg Anu. He bit off a man's strength, and it was like bronze, cast it in Kumarbi in the womb.
According to legend, the Hittite victory in the battle went Kumarbi. Castration Anu managed to fly in the "distant Dark Earth" and hide from the enemy. During the battle, "virility" Anu made within Kumarbi several deities. One of them was Teshub (Jupiter), the main deity of the Hittites.

Mention of this "celestial battle" and the Iranian "Avesta" — a hymn Pharn, Yasht 19, "Zamyad-Yasht." During this cosmic "battle" an associate of a three-headed snake Aji-Dahaka — Spityura, saws god Yimu into several parts. Probably, in this text refers to the planet Nibiru, which was destroyed by the tidal influence of the neutron star.

The Aztecs symbol of an unknown planet, formerly located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, is a circle divided by two arcs. In the astronomical code Laud a headless figure of the goddess who sits on the flames. Come out of her neck curls gases may deceased remains of the atmosphere of the planet. Above the torso of the anthropomorphic image of this heavenly body shows a portion (tail) Snake. Probably so the Aztecs portrayed the death of the planet Nibiru from its rapprochement with the neutron star. And these figures, in the codes of South American Indians, very much.

Codex Laud. Anthropomorphic image of the lost world.

The code Laud, where there is a picture of the deceased character of the planet, in the form of a circle divided by two arcs of arrows against the beam, this cataclysm is shown more clearly. Severed head of the goddess, and the neck is a shapeless pieces of skin. Below is the picture painted skull — Aztec symbol of death.

Codex Laud.

The codes "Borgia", "Vatikanus A" and «Fejervary-Mayer» emblem of the fifth planet formerly located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, which is poured out a stream with a red oval in the middle. The figure of the Code Fejervary-Mayer shows the "battle" headless goddess with the dragon spewing giant twisting prominence. As a result of this "battle" the planet was completely destroyed and displaced from its orbit.

Code Fejervary-Mayer.

In the same Code contains an illustration which depicts the lost planet in the form of a mummy in white, which give for the Great Serpent. White color — a symbol of death. This suggests that a fifth planet is destroyed ("dead"). In the upper part of the figure shows the emblem of the destroyed planet.

Code Fejervary-Mayer.

In the astronomical Codex Borgia depicts the scene of the death of the planet Nibiru, where a terrible deity with the symbols of the neutron star on the neck, waist and legs (black dot on a white circle) with a spear pierces the ill-fated planet. In the upper right corner, there are three emblems of the neutron star, which the Aztecs is designated as an ellipse (possibly orbit stars), coiled snake or a celestial body with a long train. Right from the monster destroyed planet symbol is shown in the form of an eagle with a fiery tail. In the lower left corner of the figure shows the torn serpent. Indicate that this character will be discussed below. Three emblems of a neutron star available in the right corner of the picture may indicate that the planet was killed when her third visit to the solar system.

Codex Borgia. The death of the planet Nibiru.

The appearance of Nibiru in the solar system, as promised, will happen in 2003, but it did not happen. In May 2011, it has been closer to our planet and is clearly visible in the sky. 22-23 December 2012 the planet should look like a second moon. Then pushed her appearance in 2013. Etc.
Planet of this size has long been found to astronomers. So wait for the appearance of Nibiru, which ever left the solar system, it is not necessary.

Black Star. Aztec Typhon.

The Code «Fejervary-Mayer» a drawing, which shows the emblem of the dead planet, and the monster swallows the human body. Perhaps this illustration shows that the Anunnaki humanoid civilization perished during the terrible cosmic cataclysm caused by the neutron star.

Code Fejervary-Mayer.

In astronomical Aztec Code «Borbonicus» illustration is confirming this hypothesis. The illustration of this ancient document goddess of the fifth planet (Nibiru), its symbolic value, in the form of a sphere with two circles (maybe its orbit two satellites) that are depicted in the form of birds in the upper right corner of the figure. Also, the illustration shows the emblem of the lost planet — the head of an eagle. Pictured disasters occurring on the surface: they poured out of the vessel flames, curls of the atmosphere over the two halves of the broken planet. In the lower right corner of the painted mortar and pestle, which placed an icon in the shape of a ball with a tail — this is a common symbol denoting a planet or other celestial body. Probably the fragment pattern indicates that Nibiru is essentially "grind" during a rapprochement with the neutron star. But the most important detail of illustration, symbolizing the death of a humanoid civilization, this is Snake gulping person (Anunnaki).

Code Borbonicus.


I hope that one fear for all of us was less. Although it will take some time, and new information will appear on the network. Scary, forcing humanity to think about the true values.

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