Arch — abnormal relative Stonehenge

Ancient Ural fortress Arkaim located in the Chelyabinsk region, called "Russian Stonehenge." In addition to the ruins of streets and buildings, archaeologists have found the remains of the aqueduct, metallurgical furnaces, mines … And besides, Arch, on many accounts, this is the place — one of the strongest anomalous zones in Russia.

Watch Arkaim: Russian secrets of Stonehenge

It is noteworthy that Arkaim, a fortified settlement of the Bronze Age, was built with four strictly oriented to the cardinal entrances to the city on a pre-charted plan, and with high accuracy. All circles have the same center where the radial lines converge. This ring structure is clearly oriented towards the stars, and the layout itself is a model of the universe.

According to research by the famous Russian archaeologist Bystrushkina Constantine, Arch allows you to monitor 18 astronomical events: the sun rises and sets on the equinoxes and solstices, and the sunrises and sunsets high and low of the Moon.
Incidentally, the famous Stonehenge — megalithic structures in the UK — Arkaim gives the number of tracked astronomical events. Noteworthy is the fact that both architectural structures are located on the same latitude.

Arkaim is interesting not only as a historical monument. According to many accounts, it is one of the strongest anomalous zones in Russia! In the area of the fortress have repeatedly observed a UFO in the form of moving circles, foggy clots and colored lights. But this is not the only miracle Arkaima. Locals consider it a sacred place. Pilgrims come here all year round to collect the healing water from the river Big Karaganka and smear the summer up and down the coastal clay — is said to help against skin diseases.

Near the fortress are several helices composed tourists from local stones. It is recommended to pass on them barefoot, but better — even without clothes, then stand in the center of the spiral and make a wish.

The mountains around the fortress is also unusual. The most famous of them — Shaman (it — Bald), on top of which are raised to positive energy, pray and meditate. Here even bring a cure ill.

On the Mount of Penance ask forgiveness of those to whom to blame — all the sins in this supposedly released. Mountain of Love brings success in his personal life. Next to it is Male wood — go there women who have problems in relationships with the opposite sex. According to rumors, it is necessary to walk on the forest — and the success of the men provided!

But the grove at the foot of Rooks (it is also called the Auspicious) has a bad reputation. The trunks of birch trees there somehow twisted at the roots. It is believed that in the long grove is impossible — there were cases where people were going crazy out there. One day, during the excavation of a student archaeologist heard a voice — someone called it in the center of the settlement. And she went. One. And returning, long sobbing hysterically. Turned out to be the ghosts of the ancient inhabitants were Arkaima. The girl even had to send in a psychiatric hospital.
Incidentally, these cases were in the study of the Egyptian pyramids: archaeologists have begun hallucinations, mental disorders …
About the mysterious corners of the complex Arch

Says the chairman of the Commission for Culture, RAS ancient and medieval Russia Valery CHudinov:

"There are at least two places that, in theory, should also be called" Arch. " The first — a suspended Arch — those ruins, which are now shown to tourists.
Second Arch is a little further — to the point where the excavations are not finished yet, and where outsiders, of course, do not drive. And finally, the third and Arch does is kind of a forbidden place, which, for some reason, even the locals pass by.
We were particularly struck, perhaps, the so-called Drunken Forest — tree trunks in it almost all curved. Interestingly, in different places on the trunks of burns are present, but it does not seem to track lightning. Perhaps there are faults of the Earth's crust, the offset plates, which promotes the release of energy flow, which left burns on trees.
By the way, often at such places are watching UFOs and various anomalies. Here you have to be very careful, as the flow of energy can be both positively and negatively affect the body. "


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