Astrology: Science or quackery?

For those who believe that astrology — the craft of modern charlatans who are looking for gullible customers through advertisements in newspapers, it was necessary to talk about it with the people of ancient times.

Mystery of the ivory table

That is now assured participants of an international group of archaeologists who have committed exciting discovery. Off the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia Spila cave near the village they found Nakovana perhaps the oldest astrological chart, also made of ivory: the so defined (and defined to this day) the fate of a person depending on when he was born .

From ancient times to have survived a lot of horoscopes — on papyrus, walls, etc., but not one of them, the authors suggest that the opening of the American Alexander Jones and Croat Stash Forenbaher not so old as the current discovery.

Archaeologists are not sure how the board came to the cave and where to build. It is believed that astrology originated in Babylon around the middle of the first millennium BC. e. and to the end of spread throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, becoming particularly popular in Egypt. It was there, according Compulenta, formed one astrological style that is practiced all over the world to this day.

Radiocarbon dating showed that the age of the board around 2200 years, or who gave her the elephant lived long before this form of astrology. Ivory was valued very highly, and could be stored for many centuries before it was used to create an astrological table which measures the position of the planets, the Sun and the Moon at birth.

"According to these data, the ancient astrologers predicted the fate of man — quoted American researcher Mark Willis — Just like their modern counterparts. "

According to Willis, these findings are of great importance as they help to rethink attitudes to astrology. "In antiquity, people have many skills that were later lost, — he says. — And then, required centuries or even millennia, mankind to come back to them. "

Suffice it to recall the church to send people to the stake for the claim that the Earth is round or that it revolves around the sun. "In ancient times this knowledge was widespread. So, maybe, and astrology, which today is ridicule and sarcasm from scientists and educated people, too, needs a more serious relationship? "- Asks Willis.

Interestingly, after the publication of the opening of Jones Forenbahera published results of several studies in which researchers select the most reliable facts about astrological predictions come true in history. Skeptics such examples hardly be persuaded, but it is still impressive examples.

"Certainly, these publications do not change the fact that the stars are to the earth for hundreds of thousands of years — said British researcher Mary Danes. — So, astrologers predict the future by the past. " Nevertheless, she believes that some of the evidence in favor of the supernatural predictions should not be discounted.

"There are a number of statistical studies that confirm the accuracy of the predictions, which gave a positive result," — says Danes. For example, the work of the French scientist Michel Gauquelin, compare the time of birth of a large number of people with their professions.

On the one hand, it denies the accuracy of the traditional horoscopes. But on the other — Gauquelin found statistical trends that suggest an association between the time of birth of a person and his destiny.

Myths and Realities

The fate and character of a person can be easily determined if you know the hour in which he was born, say modern astrologers. According to them, each double hour, like every year according to the lunar calendar, has a name that matches the name of one of the 12 animals.

For example, the Dragon hour — this is the time between 7:40 and 9:40, that is the time of sunrise in the winter. Next come the hour of the Snake (9:40-11:40), Horse (11:40-13:40), Sheep (13:40-15:40), Monkey (15:40-17:40), Rooster (17 :40-19: 40), dogs (19:40-21:40), Cabana (21:40-23:40), Mouse (23:40-1:40), Bull (1:40-3:40 ), Tiger (3:40-5:40) and, finally, the Hare (5:40-7:40).

"The man who was born, for example, in the hour Mice have direct and gentle nature, he is lucky and happy. Births per hour Bull calm and patient, are valid in the estimates

"Those who are born in the hour of the Rabbit — enjoy respect and authority, live in prosperity

"Those who are born in the hour of horses — also friendly and on top of a respected family

Astrologers do not just as accurately described in the horoscopes of things that even the most rabid materialists and atheists, somewhere deep in the subconscious of living worm of doubt: what if all this mysticism — is not it? And a number of scientists in this regard does not tire of lead more and more evidence that astrology — pseudoscience, and believe its tenets — stupid mistake.

For example, researchers from the University of Aarhus in Denmark, as a result of another study on the possible impact on the signs of the zodiac traits, have come to the conclusion that the position of the stars has absolutely no effect on the person.

Danish researchers looked at the statistics, covering a total of over 15,000 people. One of the main sources of information for them was a study, carried out at the time of the Americans — veterans of the Vietnam War. These questionnaires pointed to the individual characteristics, the level of intelligence (IQ), a tendency to psychopathy and neurosis, the capacity for social adaptation, etc.

Experts found no significant relationship between these parameters and the date of birth, and found that the personal characteristics of a person does not depend on what month he was born.

According to Professor Peter Hartmann, under whose guidance the study was conducted, the findings do not mean that all astrology — necessarily cheating, but the influence of the Zodiac — a myth.

Astrology — "the mother of all sciences"

Partially agree with the Danes English scientists. A group of psychologists from the Center for Child Development at York University under the direction of Margaret Bell has put forward an interesting hypothesis: the character is affected by the environment, and the zodiac horoscope serves only as a kind of calendar.

Statistics, which had to be collected by scientists, was to include a particular birth, education and development of infants. This problem could be solved only if you have access to a lot of "test."

York orphanage agreed to provide researchers with access to pets contained therein, as well as an extensive file cabinet. The case was for small: to find patterns. And those found!

However, there are several English scientists cheated: they took the stories of several children of the same sign, and found the circuit patterns, and then play the same conditions for those born in the other months of the year.

For the experimental group infants were exactly recreate the conditions of the other seasons, temperature, clothing, usually consumed at other times the food … And, in contrast to the control group, the children began to show traits peculiar to the sign of the Zodiac, which for them tried to play!

According to scientists, this development suggests that the character only influences the environment. At an early age the child is very important, in what order to do his small discoveries. Thus, the further development influences the age when a growing body first gets fresh fruit.

Also very important was the question of clothing: whether it restrains movement baby during development or, in view of the climate allows him more freedom. Naturally, all of the children during the year are one and the same set of experiences, but for the formation of character was very important to their chronological order.

Thus, the researchers say, the character does not depend on stars, but exclusively — on the season. A zodiac horoscope — just a way to reference the order of events.

However, even such basic research little urging supporters of astrology. Moreover, as reported a year ago, Indian media reports, the High Court of Mumbai, even officially acknowledged that astrology is a science full of Hindus!

In a country where millions of people and it always felt this decision is unlikely to be able to affect anything. Nevertheless, most people in India that every step is checked against the requirements of the stars at this point relieved.

Court preserved inviolable foundation of Indian society after some big company had to admit liars astrologers who follow "tantric black magic."

Plaintiffs have substantiated his claim that, in accordance with a law passed in India in 1954, it is impossible to speak publicly with misleading forecasts what the company had suspected oracles.

However, the court in Mumbai, recalling that in 2004 in defense of astrology, as the "mother of all sciences," spoke Supreme Court, rejected the company's claim, emphasizing in his verdict: "Astrology — respectable science that is practiced 4000 years."

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