Astronomer cigar-shaped UFO filmed

Astronomer Allen Ipling October 16 was at home with guests, when suddenly one of the guest house owner noticed a strange glowing object hovering in the sky.

A more detailed version of the video:

Ipling took the telescope to examine an unusual phenomenon, and a video camera, which was shooting going on.

"The object was similar to the two fluorescent tubes arranged parallel. He looked like a star with an extremely bright light. I'm sure it's not a plane, because that day was a clear, cloudless sky, lets you clearly see an unknown device "- explains the amateur astronomer.

Allen posted a video with a UFO on YouTube, wanting to hear other people's opinion.

"I want to emphasize that the object was stationary. The illusion that it moves arose due to shaky hands, which I was holding the camcorder. I was quite uncomfortable, because I was shooting at the same time UFOs and looked at it through a telescope "- the comment has supplied a video of Ipling.

Police told news channel Kentucky News-Express, which they received five calls from residents of different cities of the state.

All witnesses stated that on October 16 there was a UFO in the sky cylindrical shape, glowing so brightly that long to watch him was impossible.

Representatives of the Department of Defense and the National Guard of Kentucky said they had no information of cases of unidentified flying objects over the state, and on October 16 they had not noticed any anomalies in the sky.

The police have listened carefully to the story of Allen Iplinga, have suggested that an astronomer made a mistake and took a balloon for a UFO. Such explanations do not like a man, confident in the fact that he is able to distinguish the product from aeronautic glowing cylindrical object.

"If it's a balloon, how it can maintain its structure at that altitude? And I say that the machine hovering in the sky, not a plane. And the helicopter, like this object does not exist, "- said reasonably Ipling.



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