Aura — Myth or Reality?

Some energy experts argue person that each of us has seven energy shells, like the seven colors of the rainbow. These shells together represent the human aura. Damage to the aura involves the disease, and serious damage — death of a person.

Due to the presence of an aura of scientific electro-magnetic field, which is present in every person.

Currently, there is equipment that can make the aura photo. Made possible diagnosis of aura. That is, you can see how many human aura is damaged, and to determine its state of health.

As this may damage the aura?

Of course, this is the first mechanical damage. When you get any injury, you damage your aura in this place. Doctors are regularly confronted with such cases, when the fracture has healed, and a bruise on his site is still "alive". In this case, the aura at the fracture site is not recovered, or, to speak scientifically, in this place torn human biofield.

Our electromagnetic field exposed to the environment, biological others devices. Very affect the human biofield mobile phones, microwave ovens, etc. Notice that if the whole day talking on the phone, a headache?
Sites that synthesize our electro-magnetic field, called chakras. If the chakra is damaged, the person becomes ill. Most often, the chakras are damaged negative energy from other people, their biofield. And, by the people is called evil eye chakra damage or deterioration.

You can take a bunch of tests, bypass a lot of doctors and they did not find signs of the disease, but if the chakra is damaged, you will feel bad.
You thought about the famous phrase: "Do not turn your back to the enemy!", So they say, not because you can not run away from the enemy, that is cowardice, etc. The enemy can plunge a knife in the back — literally and figuratively. An evil eye or an evil word thrown at you next, can easily break through your chakras, as from the back they are totally unprotected.

Men often unconsciously cover his manhood with both hands, it is because they cover a man's subconscious chakra. Its damage leads to many male diseases, impotence, infertility.
There are men's and women's chakra. If a woman is wealthy, she is often jealous. This leads to damage chakra infertility. Often you notice the following picture: the family is rich, prosperous, and no children.

Experts of this chakra is called the money. Severe damage it causes the person to become poor, he will have a great debt.

You can speak at length about the chakras, but it is worth to know one thing: try to avoid contact with the envious, angry people, with those who cries all the time, complaining, whining. Try to live on the positive, whereas many diseases will have to pass.

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