Aussie fought off a crocodile attacked him

37-year-old resident of Australia (his name is not called) managed to fight off the three-meter saltwater crocodile that attacked him in a small bay near the town Ueypa in north Queensland, says The Australian. The incident occurred on Saturday, February 5, in the evening, local time.

Crocodile injured swimmer's back, hand and wrist, biting his arm. However, the man has been able to resist the animal — he repeatedly struck a crocodile's head, he loosened his grip and eventually retreated. According to the authorities Ueypy the decision men swim in the bay, which is home to saltwater crocodiles, was "absolute madness."

As reported by physicians who see a man received the injuries they are not life threatening, and soon he would return after attacking a crocodile. The animal will not be captured and transported to another location, because the attack occurred in the wild crocodile.

Saltwater crocodiles can grow up to seven meters in length, and at times their weight is one thousand pounds. On average, the saltwater crocodile attacks in Australia each year are killed by two men.

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