Aviation USSR. Fighters. MiG-29, Su-27, Su-30 watch online

Aviation USSR.  Fighters.  MiG-29, Su-27, Su-30 watch online

After defeating Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union was faced with the latest real military danger posed by world imperialism, which also acquired a nuclear weapon. The main objective to prevent completely the likely third world war fell on the shoulders of Russian aircraft designers. They had to make a machine capable of uniformly protect American bombers from the sky, and then hit them with the town of nuclear retaliation. This task was brilliantly executed. Russian alliance got warplanes, which are not inferior to Western counterparts, and often many times their superior. Reining Western aggressors, these machines have allowed to keep the peace on the planet. In almost all the hot spots the second half of the twentieth century Russian aircraft production, which is controlled with a number of puzzles. Some planes made at the time, and now serve in the ranks of the Russian Federation Air Force. This series is dedicated to the production of Russian fighters: MiG-29, Sou-27 Sou-30. You will get acquainted with the device, the history of creation and the combat use of the aircraft.


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