Baikal. Cape Ryty. Anomalous zone of Russia!

In the central part of Lake Baikal on the west bank, opposite the widest point in the lake, The Cape Ryty (Hare Khushun — angry, angry cape). There are no settlements, single boat without pestering the beach, swim by. Up to this point do not reach any roads and trails are not even on the coast. Locals carefully avoid visits to the Cape, calling it a cursed place. However, the conversation can tell a lot of sinister and mysterious stories associated with this terrain.

Intrigued previously heard stories about the phenomena of this cape, I decided to ask in detail about the locals and go deep into the gorge, in the "forbidden territory for visits."

Anomalous zones

Forbidden to visit areas known for a long time in the mythology of the peoples of different countries. The Buddhists of Mongolia — is Agartha — "forbidden territory in the center of Asia, surrounded by the sands of the Gobi enforcement." We Tantrikas Tibet — a mysterious and inaccessible Shambhala, hidden from the outside world ring of towering mountains. In the Pamirs — widely known for its glowing UFO "Pamir" anomalous zone. Lake Baikal is a restricted area such sacred Cape Ryty, especially revered as the Buryats and the Evenki and the Tungus.

With a sense of melancholy … trapping us in danger late at night we landed on a deserted beach of the Cape. Boat without stopping, hastily set sail from the shores of the forbidden. Before that, the captain, respecting tradition, sprinkled alcohol and spoke at length about the obsession of this place, where has consistently across Cape unjustly breaks appliances, appliances acting up and fall through the ice machine. As it should, at the approach in this place on our boat broke aluminum fuel tube of low pressure that almost theoretically unlikely.

Alexander Burmeister, who grew up in these parts, told me that this place was in ancient times the city, whose existence was not reported in any of the existing sources. This unknown city, like the recent sensational discovery YUZHNOURALSKY city Aryans — Arkaim, captivated the imagination, Are Baikal did these discoveries?

In the winter the ice in glasses Sasha showed me clearly readable artificial rock wall, the existence of which is not known even in the administration of the Baikal-Lena Reserve. In addition, a little mystery added subsequently printed pictures, inexplicably, on the printed photos of this place was discovered the unusual curvature of space that can not be attributed to defects in the film or photo printing. The camera lens captures unexplainable spatial phenomenon. According to available information at the time I, neither of which the ancient village where the scientists did not know, and no data on UFO sightings in this area then I also did not have.

All that was known to me, fits within the lines drawn up before doling out my guide: "Cape Ryty refers to the sacred places of the Baikal region. According to ancient Buryat legend, Cape Ryty is "scary and sacred place" where live the angry gods, sons of gods Uher, sending strong winds … The river valley is considered by Rita bore the sacred and forbidden to visit. Locals implicitly follow ancient rules, is a place not visited women, after visiting the valley men left there insole of the shoe. If the top of Paddy wanders cattle, no one dares to kick him out, because they become the property of Tengri and his sons, who, according to legend, jealously guarding the entrance to the gorge. "

Shamanic traditions

Before landing on the sacred promontory, we stopped to consult the rules of visiting this place for Valentine Hagdaevu Olkhon shamans, who received the fifth initiation and anyone else who knew the local ancient shamanic traditions. Remembering he had heard previously from the old men, he began to tell:

"Many thousands of years ago, the memory of events in these places left in the steppe region of legends. At this point, buried Uher Noyon, Bishop of Northern Baikal, the father of the seven winds from Cape Ryty to the northern tip of Lake Baikal. Uher Noyon and his sons had lived in the valley. This place was always particularly honored, menacing and dangerous. By bitter experience of many generations, when people suddenly died after visiting this place was declared a ban to enter the gorge. This prohibition is enforced now. None bore it will not enter the canyon on their own. When two Buryat hunters tempted abundance proteins and sable in the canyon and in violation of the ban went into it, then a year later they both died.

Olkhonskiye old people have told me thirty years ago that this is where the borders of territories between the lands of hunting, arable and grazing cattle and horses. Because of the long-running dispute over ownership of the lands cape once a dispute broke out between the power of the shaman Evenk, Yakut and Buryat delivery. At the great battle of every kind of came out on the shaman and the athlete. Began the great battle that lasted not one day, but in this fight because no one and no beat. It was after the battle of the three shamans and three heroes this place and was cursed. Battle awakened spirit buried here Uher Noyon, and fertile agricultural plains rolled terrible, mix all the land of huge stones. In the heart of the Cape was the sacred tree, and at the entrance to the gorge — a sanctuary. Only the shaman was allowed to go up to the sanctuary. Shamans prayed black night, on an inverted black cauldron. But the continuity of this tradition has been broken, and now the spirit of revenge to all the people who visit the area where his body was buried. "

Feeling anxious to haunt us all the days, if someone continually watching us. At the end of our walking route, during dinner, we were attacked by a loud humming, most the size of a walnut, the bee, so we were forced to jump from boulder-set table and get away from the bees, which constantly strove to sit on his back.

Footprints on earth

One of our goals was to check on the spot and try to find any traces of living here on earth people in ancient times. The greatest interest was clearly readable from the water longitudinal crease on the winding hill to the left of the river Rita. Presumably, the individual witnesses, it could be of artificial origin.

Dragging logs from the beach on a crash pad, I drew attention to the pyramidal heaps, strongly reminiscent of Mongolia are often found in ancient tombs near the large kereksurami. Carefully inspect the area with stone piles on the northern tip of the cape, we counted 15 such buried in the ground and partially hidden in the grass artificially stacked piles of stones for a long time, one of them had an extra laying open rectangular stones that led us to believe that this is an ancient site burial. It was the first confirmation we discovered the location of people here in ancient times.

The most visible traces of human activity in the past on Cape Ryty is an artificial stone wall at the edge of the forest on a fairly steep slope of the hill to the left of the river Rita, immediately after its exit from the gorge. The wall stretches from north-east to south-west is more than 800 meters. It affects not only its length, but also the weight of stones that someone moved the walls with masonry. From the inner side of the wall, to the mountain, visible smooth groove along which now comfortably ride a horse on it goes feral trail with signs of frequent stays here wildlife. The height of the collapsed wall at present is substantially greater than a meter, but sometimes it is a little higher. Stacked stones at each other, separated from the land and have a clearance between that clearly points to the artificial stone masonry.

UFO topic

From surveys of local residents, it became clear that the greatest number of so-called unidentified luminous objects seen in the vicinity of Cape Ryty. It has repeatedly recorded bright, glowing balls inside, gently floating away deep into the gorge, and the mysterious wandering lights. It turned out that the Irkutsk ufologists know about this place, and for the past few years, especially travel to Cape Ryty. They even have a film ostensibly with a record of luminous objects, but they shared this information is extremely sparingly and grudgingly. Or know something and do not want to talk, or they have nothing to say about this phenomenon.

The most striking case, with the words of Alexander Burmeister, there was a local hunter, who has experienced a panic and a mild winter clothes ran away from winter quarters at Cape Ryty when, after the appearance of a glowing UFO someone invisible, proskripev the snow penetrated the cabin and began to raise alternately items air. Any explanation to his behavior and told Hunter later intelligibly could not give.

Currently, there is no way to explain the phenomenon uniquely Cape Ryty. None of the existing theories of the living bio-field of the Earth, UFO aliens from UFOs, the fourth dimension, or telluric radiation faults does not answer the question of why Cape Ryty was cursed and why the curse is still in effect?



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