Baikal — Russia anomalous zone.

The infamous Bermuda Triangle can still lose popularity because of frequent anomalies on the lake Baikal. Up until now, no one has to explore this place. Over the past few years in the area of Lake Baikal were missing more than 20 researchers — fans.

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This place is in the middle of Lake Baikal to name the local "Bermuda Triangle." There's no time suffered a mysterious collapse of fishing vessels and aerial vehicles. About 100 years ago, balloonists imperial army tried to fly an airplane across the lake. At the middle of the road like an airplane collided with an invisible wall, a car spun around and carried upward. Failed to complete the flight. Later, in the middle of Lake Baikal occurred sad case with scuba divers. At a depth of 50 m, they saw a huge white figure, but once tried to touch her, unknown force pushed them to the surface. Due to extreme pressure both diver died.
In 2005, the Mi-2 helicopter flying over Lake Baikal, in the same place came on the air wall, lost control and crashed into the water. After this incident, the area was closed to flights.

The local population blames the spirits living on Cape Rytom. This rocky promontory reputed forbidden place-only shamanic rituals. It is impossible to hunt, gather flowers … Women go there at all booked, and the men have to leave as a "victim" of insoles. According to legend, once the people who lived there died a strange death. Rytom on the ruins of the wooden houses. Meet here, and rare plants, has long disappeared in the Baikal region … In the area of Cape acting up compasses and satellite navigation devices. And here frequently visited by the mysterious glowing orbs and wandering lights.

On Rytom can see the stone foundations of the square, half-washed mudslide. And on the steep slope of a hill, at the exit of the gorge of the river, a stone wall stretches longer than 800 m and a height of about 1 m from the inside is a smooth groove, which forms the animal tracks. Gaps between the stones show: masonry artificial. Unfortunately, the archaeological excavations in the area have never been carried out.

Russian researchers have come to grips with the study of weirdness going on at the lake. Recently, Efremov travelers Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir Isaichev set a record, accomplishing a flight across Lake Baikal in a balloon. For six hours, they broke the 100 km, having flown from one coast to the other and overcome the danger zone. Departures from the settlement took place Zama in northern part of the island of Olkhon. Balloonists headed for the village of Ust-Barguzin and Gremyachinsk and landed south of the village of Turka. Knowing about the "Bermuda Triangle", before flying travelers have committed ritual offerings to the spirits of the lake: the bread thrown into the water, spilled wine, and then asked the god of winds Uher Noyon, who lived, according to legend, at the Cape Ryty, send them a fair wind Sarma.

Despite the precautions taken, at an altitude of 3400 meters — as if we are faced with an invisible wall — recalls Efremov. — Unexplained force threw us back, climbing higher and higher. The ball quickly spun around its axis and skyrocketed up. This is very dangerous: when you exit the air pipe casing might get the ball, and then the inevitable crash. We have broken down appliances, radio refused. Helicopter escort circled nearby, but the crew could not before us to shout. I lost my connection. Of all the electronics worked only instrument height.


The ball drifted back and threw to a height of 5 km! When balloonists turned in prayer to the gods, rose tailwind and balloon slipped a "dead" zone. But the misfortunes did not end: travelers for a long time could not choose a place to land. Finally landed on a hill with boulders. Ball dragged over rocks, trash almost collapsed, gas cylinders blown off … Fortunately, balloonists themselves escaped with only cuts.


— Our goal is reached — we crossed the anomalous zone of Lake Baikal — said after landing Valentine Efremov. — Baikal is only slightly opened to us its secrets: it's not just a freshwater lake. The water of this lake — the main energetic source of all the processes that occur on Earth. In my opinion, Lake Baikal — a structured living energy, created by the divine design in a single copy of the gene pool as the guardian of us as yet unknown information. This information is taken and read aliens, perhaps in order to learn more not only about the "blue" planet, but for us, earthlings.


So, balloonists V. Efremov and V. Isaychevym entered a number of pages in the environmental record of the planet in the "Red Book" of Lake Baikal, and even in the "Guinness Book of Records." But that's not the point. They say, "face to face — person can not see." In the rush of current affairs and the monotony of everyday life blurred the line of ordinary and exceptional. And in his compatriots, we rarely see the characters — too close they are to us. We still have to learn to give respect and admiration for those who choose to go for us and unbeaten paths wandering, learning new knowledge and wisdom of opening the divine beauty of the universe.


Meanwhile, skeptics argue that the stories about some of the anomalous zone of Baikal invented specifically because they are irresistible lure for tourists.


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