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12 unique documentary investigations: the hard facts, shocking discoveries, loud sensation.

Battle of civilizations. One minute before the Apocalypse

The ominous date 21.12.12 closer. The planet reacts to something global. Increasingly, there are natural disasters. Many people see prophetic dreams, but not in a hurry to debunk psychics disturbing rumors … Interview with Artem Dragunov

Battle of civilizations. Battle for Earth

Astrophysicists find in the universe thousands of mysterious objects and record hundreds of unexplained phenomena, in other galaxies, they discover dozens of new planets, like two peas similar to Earth …

Battle of civilizations. Race of immortals

Ancient manuscripts contain recipes preservation of youth. Surprisingly, the ancestors of the same technology with the latest advances in modern medicine.

Battle of civilizations. Guardians of the universe

On the walls of the pyramids and temples of ancient Egypt recorded the amazing technology information unknown advanced civilization. Like the Maya, the Egyptians had a remarkably accurate calendars with comments relevant dates, and warnings of global catastrophe …

Battle of civilizations. Foreign Land

It is believed that man evolved from apes. But modern scholars increasingly disprove this theory. Too little evidence to Darwin's theory, too many unexplained facts in history.

Battle of civilizations. Secretly stars

In 1912, Italy was found one of the most mysterious books in the history of mankind — the Voynich manuscript. It is written in an unknown language, the amazing illustrations show plants unknown to science, the mechanisms of the constellation. For over 100 years the best cryptologists world are trying to unravel the content of the manuscript.

Battle of civilizations. My wife — a Martian

British embryologists believe that man — it evolved woman. Has the man is the ancestor of mankind? Or the land was originally a planet of women? What happens to the current "strong" sex and what is in store for its members?

Battle of civilizations. Huns. Russian trace

A thousand years ago, the earth, from China to France trembled under the hooves of the cavalry of the Huns — the mysterious, cruel and invincible conquerors.

Battle of civilizations. Lunar track

Recently, in the secret archives of NASA discovered an unknown account with negotiations astronauts. On the tape clearly heard that the crew of the spaceship on the moon faced with something inexplicable. Very soon the film is gone, and NASA announced that more than 700 boxes of videos and audio recordings of space missions, literally vanished into thin air …

Battle tsivilizatsiy.Podvodny mind

The territory of the world by two-thirds covered by water. What are the hidden under a layer of water? Whether there exist a civilization that in its development than their Earth?

Battle of civilizations. Catch a newcomer

Than a dozen years studying unidentified flying objects are in the national level. In almost all developed countries have a research program on UFOs. They are confidential and only today started lifted the veil of secrecy …

Battle of civilizations. Guardians of the depths

Most recently, Japanese sailors were able to remove the video a strange creature, like a huge whale with a human head. According to the researchers, the length of the sea monster is 30 meters …

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