Belarusian dog millionaire

U.S. citizen John Fedorov passed under the will of the Belarusian dog named Rogue from the village Booth Khotimsk district, Mogilev region 993.7 million dollars. Meanwhile, the lawyer told the law firm "Alexandrov and K" in Minsk Maria Protasenya, all costs, as specified in the will of performance conditions, is strictly controlled.

"We proposed Potapov (dog owners — Telegraph) to refuse to care for a dog: make it easy to pensioners. Then the family would receive compensation, we would find Rogue guardian. But they refused. Under the terms of the will, the funds will be spent during the entire life of the customer. After his death he will establish a monument in the village of Booth, 10% of the unspent amount will list family Potapov, and the rest will go to the expense of the American kennel "- she said, sends" Respublika ".

Under the contract, from February 16 to put the dog personal room with a big bed and a TV. Dining at the dog three times a day now balanced, it must contain at least 0.5 kilograms of meat per day. Also, he was supposed to shower twice a day and a walk in the fresh air, and in winter — heated booth, which will be sent from America. Moreover, to expand the horizons dog needs a year to travel to any country in the world, which will determine the Rogue, poking his nose in a map. The owners of the dog for child allocate an amount equal to two average salaries in the country, plus 3 million rubles for expenses.

According to Potapov, with Rogue American millionaire who is a native of the same village Booth, met in 2007, having arrived home. During the war he was taken prisoner, and in May 1945 in the filtration camp attached to him a dog named Jack, much like the Rogue. With him Fedorov moved to the United States. In the 1950s, the dog got sick, and the emigrant just at that time offered a good job at the other end of the country. In a choice between an expensive operation and the Knave ticket to Sacramento, he chose the latter. However, the rest of his life, John Fedorov could not forgive himself for the death of another. When he saw in his native village similar to Jack the dog, he wanted to take her with him and even offered money for it, but the owners were against — friends do not sell. In the end, he decided to unsubscribe to dog his fortune by making the first Belarusian Rogue dog-millionaire.



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