Belarusian potato: very expensive and with no guarantee of quality

According to the National Statistics Committee of Belarus, during the six months of last year, the potatoes in the country rose by 35.2%. Now the price of one kilogram in the markets and stores in the state varies from 2 to 4 thousand. Along the way, the growth of prices of potato quality is very low.

In Minsk shop "Central" potatoes worth 2,000 rubles per kilogram. In this case, the trading margin for the product is minimal, and the quality is hardly satisfactory, says the head of the section Olga Voronov:

"Shop on potatoes practically earns nothing — maybe 100 rubles per kilogram. After all, this is a socially significant product — because people are not rich enough to pay a lot of money. For example, it brings the potato state-owned enterprise, and a lot of rotten — that such boxes rot collect. Also inside these worm-like darts. Private owner brings — that look — clean, beautiful potatoes. But This year, you know what the conditions were, so now everywhere is a potato. In the markets, too, but there is also a high price. With potatoes, of course, problems. "

Brings the potato state-owned enterprise, and a lot of rotten … Chastnik bring — clean, beautiful potatoes.

Price of potatoes on the Minsk markets varies between 3-4 thousand rubles. Moreover, its quality is not higher than in state stores, shoppers say:

— Satisfied with the quality and the price of potatoes?

— There are good — quality and delicious varieties. But it is winter, frost, and private traders to market is not driven.

My son bought a potato in the market by 4000 per kilogram. Says mom, four pounds potatoes moved with two cut — the good, the two — no.

— Where do you buy more potatoes — in the store or in the marketplace?

— As if you have to, but I'm more in our Western market take. And here the other day got three thousand — a good potato and came home — she, first, began to flow, and secondly — and this worm-darts on patches of blue — phytophthora, or whatever it is called a disease. Sometimes the best catches — in short, just at the time did not have.

— A satisfy you of the price?

— If we talk about the market prices, the kilogram of potatoes costs one dollar — is, of course, expensive. We, the "Bulbash," yet we love potatoes, and for Belarusians shame that such a potato was.

One of the causes of low quality and yield of potatoes Belarusian government officials called last year's hot weather. But SPC bulbavodtva say that the main problem — a violation of potato cultivation technology, or, in other words, — negligence farm managers. In addition, the price of the Belarusian potato deputy director of the NPC Ivan Kolyadko calls unreasonably high:

First of all, there is an infringement growing technology.

"For the quality of nothing and no one to blame: who grows potatoes, and that should give high quality products. And above all there is an infringement growing technology: the selection of fields, fertilizers and especially violations of the Protection of potatoes. As the price of potatoes, I believe that the prices artificially high in Belarus. The vast majority of these costs are tied to the Russian region, if there prices go up, then there is automatically leveling of prices. A for Belarus This value may be significantly lower. "

Another reason for the low quality of the potato and its high price, according to a former graduate of the Mogilev Agricultural Academy and the director of the farm, the policy Gregory Kastusiou,- Political: the political system of land management:

"The most important and primary question — the absence of private ownership of land. As long as the earth is not the owner, so long and confusing in agriculture will not. Because now the person working on the ground, there is no motivation of this work: he goes to work on the farm or farm as a slave, and the slave will never seek to obtain the best results from their work. And even the fact that we are growing, we are unable to retain or qualitatively rework. Bulbaskhovishchy have a low efficiency: According to official data, there are 30% of the potato rot, and in fact — more than half, and it falls on the cost of potatoes. And so the question is not only for potatoes, and on all of the Belarusian agricultural products. "

Independent experts have also reported that the price of the Belarusian potato is almost equal to the world, though the quality is not any comparison.


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